D'oh! Stop using creative coding in locked threads!

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I know no one can really know if a thread will be locked or not. But it does seem like it happens a lot! I’m reading a locked thread, and someone did something really creative with their coding. I want to hit “reply” just to see how they did it…but I can’t! :smack:

You know, I’ve never hit “reply” (or better yet, “quote”) to see just how a particular person came up with his or her coding for a particular post. I’m always afraid I’ll get a “Thread Locked / Closed; you cannot reply to this” screen. Yes, that is probably what I’d get, but still. For some reason, I keep on thinking that if I got that screen (or a variation thereof), a secret message would be sent to all the mods and admins:

Color me extremely paranoid. :eek:


[quote fixed-Czarcasm]

Note to self: No matter how quickly you hit “Stop” after you discover a mistake, the mistake will almost always go through. (especially with the board being faster nowdays)

Can someone please fix that? Thanks.


Breathe easy, Flamsterette. Nobody’s keeping tabs that close. :slight_smile:

Anyway. I’m also frustrated because the Pit thread where BZ00000 insulted Coldfire was closed before I could post, “I am Rilch I am”. (Get it? Get it? Heeheehee! :p)

D’oh! I was reassuring you about your first post; I hadn’t seen the second one. As far as that second one; I dunno.

*Originally posted by Flamsterette_X *
Color me extremely paranoid. :eek:


I didn’t think it was Czarcasm’s turn to watch you until next week :smiley:


Rilchiam - If you use the View Source option on your browser, the things people type should be there. It’s pretty cluttered, but if you find a key word in the post you can search down to it.

What kind of creative coding are you looking for? I don’t think they’ve added anything recently …

Thanks for fixing the quote, Czarcasm. :slight_smile:

Rilchiam, I don’t think they’re keeping tabs on us to that high a degree, but still. Sometimes you just have to be careful.

AmbushBug, are you privy to the secret decisions made by our esteemed mods and admins? I don’t know if that’s a good thing to admit… everyone will soon be after you. :smiley:

dantheman, I don’t think she’s looking for more creative coding options that we might have while posting a reply. (if she was looking for that, she could easily hit “post reply” on any open thread and dixcover any new options for herself that way) I rather think she’s talking about seeing really creative coding in locked threads, and not being able to access it so she can see what was done. (y’know… in case she wishes to emulate that particular piece of really fantastic coding)


Flamsterette: That’s right.

My Sister: What’s View Source? Is it in “Internet Options”?

But I mean what kind of coding? And is it in only locked threads, or is this just a coincidence?

Rilchiam, at least in Explorer, if you right click on the browser window, ‘view source’ is among the options that pops up. Flamsterette_X is right, the posts do show up; they sure are hard to find, though! It looks to me as if the BB software translates the coding into html. Arrows <> instead of brackets , and so on.

In Opera and MSIE it’s on your View menu: View > Source.

View Source will show you the HTML coding that the software generated, not the vB coding the poster used. However, they’re somewhat similar and that may be enough for you to figure out the vB coding.

Okay then! Thank you!

Quick, someone lock the thread before **Rilchiam
** figures out what i did!!



Rilchiam, have you never read the FAQ?

Hey, I was going to do something like that in my post, but was way too zonked to do so.