The Locked Threads Thread

After examining Silly Rabbit’s locked crystal thread I just had to wonder what others think about this phenomenon.

Are you inherently curious about locked threads? Is that padlock icon a siren call for you to click on it?

I find that locked threads are a great way to profile the different moderators and their individual parameters for conduct and content here at the boards. Lately, there have been more than a few threads that deteriorated into outright brawls. The trainwreck allure that some of these donnybrooks have is pretty short lived though.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone else finds locked threads amusing.

Curious … yes. Amused … uh, that’s not exactly the description. I’d say intrigued. Unless the Moderator concerned has the time to make the perfect cutting remark, it’s not really amusing, just intriguing.

All part of my lurking. Just gotta catch the goss!

I must also admit to a perverse fascination with closed threads. I’m usually curious to know what horrible violation of decency (or some interpretation of the rules) has been punished.

Does that make us all wrong :confused:

This one in particular was a hoot. Way to go, Czarcasm :slight_smile:

Um, Carina42, that link led me to Zenster’s cookbook thread, with no hint of Czarcasm anywhere.
Can you give the title of the thread mayhaps?

Damn, gotta preview better.
Please replace Zenster with essvee in the above post, but you get the idea.
Now I gotta know what Czarcasm wrote!

It was very unfair to Silly Rabbit that guys could respond to her thread with rude attacks, but when she answered back reasonably, the mod closed the thread and accused her of being at fault. That totally sucked.

Basically, she pretended to ask for people’s opinions on a subject, then dismissed with disdain all those who disagreed with her opinion.
If you don’t want opinions, don’t post in IMHO.

Yes, Every time just about.

I always open up locked threads. I guess that my curiosity just always gets the better of me. I wanna know what this person did that was so horrible that the thread had to be locked. :smiley:

When I see the little lock on a thread, that’s the next place that I’m heading.

Now, if it’s interesting or humorous, I’m happy. But if it’s just to say “Well, this is being discussed in another thread. I’m locking this one.” I feel ripped off.

I’ll also usually open threads that has a moderator or administrator as the last poster.

oh, is THAT what the lock means? (gratuitious ‘clique’ reference to follow) i thought it meant that only the ‘clique’ could read and respond… joke, people! just a joke!!

You know, Zenster, the only appropriate way to end this thread, when it finally runs out of gas, is to request that it be locked. Then everyone will love it!

If a thread is locked, I just have to look. I can’t help it. A locked thread may as well just have “Jeannie! Look in here PLEASE!” as it’s subject. And when the mod closes it “at the request of the OP” and I can’t see an obvious reason why the OP would have wanted it closed, well, then I am just that much more intrigued.

I love to look in a locked thread… it’s like looking at a car wreck.

Czarcasm, I wasn’t pretending anything, nor dismissing anything, I was offended by how RUDE some of the responses were.

Maybe they should just start a new forum for nothing but closed threads, hmmm? That way, we don’t have to look all over the place for them!!!

'scuse me…no coffee yet…

Silly Rabbit, you asked about the “healing” powers of a lump of quartz on a message board whos purpose is to fight scientific ignorance. Several posters provided information about quartz, the nature of Energy, and one even provided a link to a previous thread which dealt with this subject thoroughly.
You complained about the few who hurt your feelings, acknowledged none of the information provided by the others, then told us that you’re a believer anyway. As I explained before, the IMHO forum is for asking the opinions of others. The MPSIMS forum is for making unchallanged statements, though others might respond.

Gotta admit. That ‘lock’ icon is like a magnet and I’m the iron filings. Some of them are dull but occasionally you find a real dilly.

Yes, I was wondering what kind of metal those locks are made of…