Do you open locked threads just to see?

I do. If I see a locked thread, even one that I have had no previous interest in, I’m much more likely to open it to see why it was locked. Not sure why. It’s not like I get any great insight into the workings of the moderator mind or anything. But for whatever reason it interests me. Anybody else?

Yeah, I do, too. Especially if the last poster was the moderator. The only time I never do is if the thread title is obviously innocous and the poster is someone who’s been around a while. Then I just assume it was a duplicate thread.

Same here. What I really love is when there are lots of locked threads in the Pit at the same time.

Yes. Most of the time it’s stupid but I do it anyway (unless it’s plainly a duplicate, like DeadlyAccurate said. Somtimes I can ignore them for a while but sooner or later my curiosity gets the better of me. It’s like that little padlock is calling to me “come on, open me and see what mysteries await! Why are people not allowed to post within?”

Heck yes. A locked thread just screams “open me”; it’s like a flag that something interesting went on to cause it to get locked.

Hell yeah, always. I’m also disappointed when there isn’t a wrist-slap from a mod as the very last post.

What everyone else said, plus interest in what the current areas of enforcement are. Those who don’t know their SDMB history are doomed to repeat it (and face a hefty Mod Mocking to boot).


I would do. But I never notice it’s locked until I’ve opened it anyway,

Exactly what ** DeadlyAccurate** said and expecially if it’s Lynn as the last poster.

Yeup! I’m always curios as to what topics are truly taboo here.

I’m still rather unsure after all this time.

I do. It’s just like rubbernecking on the highway. Satisfies your curiosity and slows everyone down!

Sure, I’m a big fan of spontaneous human combustion.


I think the mods are a bit anal when it comes to topics of a questionable legal nature like file sharing, drugs, cable/video piracy etc. Presumably some jerk lawyer somewhere threatened the Straightdope at some point and now everyone is walking on egg shells about all sorts of topics. It seems to me there was a time not all that long ago when nothing was taboo to discuss.

Now I like to see how far people can get before their threads get closed by the mod police…

Well, yeah! You might as well ask “Do you push the button labeled ‘DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON’”.

not only do I read locked threads whenever I come across the good old “BANNED” sign I start to poke around looking for why. I wanted to start a thread asking for the best bannings on the board but I think the mods wouldn’t like that too much.

I confess that I often do…

I am a moth, and locked threads are my flame.

Of course! That’s where the action is!

Or was anyway.

I’m with Darkhold. I’m not proud of it, and I suspect it’s some sort of morbid curiousity, but so help me, I gotta know!


I also checked the locked threads, even if the title is boring or vulgar.