Doing the right thing -- I'm impressed

After all the bitching I do about work, do I dare share something nice?

(pause, listening for approval) Okay.

We get tons of child support orders at work – not just for support but also orders for noncustodial moms and dads to provide medical insurance for their kids.

Now this is usually part of the divorce decree, but you’d think it was the first time some folks have heard about it – most of them conveniently ignore the kids and the court order when they sign up for their medical insurance. (We’re gonna find out, don’t they know?)

What complicates matters is that most of these folks sign up for our HMO plan – cuz it’s free – but it can’t cover their kids unless they live in this area, and many of them don’t. (Another plan is available – covers any doctor, anywhere – but it costs $15 a week.)

Oh, this is boring, isn’t it?

Well, the nice part is this guy – he signed up for the HMO, but then his ex left the area, with the kids, and he was gonna have to change medical plans.

He really likes the HMO – saves him a ton of money, he likes the doctors, and since it’s free, it’s easier for him to keep up with the child support. He was all ready to change to the other plan, but he got an idea.

Know what he did? He got an insurance agent, signed his kids up for a Blue Cross plan and paid for the first 6 months – then he contacted the Child Support people and sent them proof they were covered. He correctly figured that when he took into account the weekly premium and the deductibles, he’d be ahead.

He gets to keep his HMO and his kids get good coverage, wherever they are.

This guy – was so different from the other parents (I want to say “ex” parents, but that wouldn’t be totally accurate) – they rant and rave about having to pay for insurance, deductibles, etc. Some of them quit, rather than pay out any more money. I guess they just go on to the next job wait to get caught again.

Look, if ya don’t want kids, keep little winkie in your pants, okay!

This guy was just so – refreshing. His kids are lucky.

(gonna brag on myself a little here…)

My husband has a son from a previous relationship. He’ll be 6 in a couple of weeks. My husband, being a musician, didn’t have health insurance. I, however, am a municipal employee, so I have it. His son’s mother was on welfare, and all she had was Medicaid (Medicare? I can never remember which one is for kids). When we decided to get married, I inquired as to whether or not I could put my stepson on my health insurance, even though we were not the custodial parents. They said yes, and all we had to do was show something legal saying that my husband was, in fact, the father of his child. Easy enough. So my stepson has good health coverage, and his mother is really, really nice to me now. :slight_smile:

I have a friend who went through a divorce several years ago, back before child support was a mandatory percentage of your salary. During the settlement the judge set his monthly child support payment. My friend then told the judge he didn’t think his ex-wife could support their kids with that amount so he asked the judge to double it.