DoJ sues Sheriff Arpaio for civil-rights abuses

I appreciate the sad import of their failure to bring Wall Street to justice, indeed I do, but at least the DoJ under this Admin can do something right! :slight_smile:

‘Bout fuckin’ time! Suck it, Joe! I just wish they could find some way to make it a criminal prosecution and put you in with all those people you hate!

I, for one, would like to see Arizona move into the early 20th Century.

But I’m not holding my breath for Alabama’s evil twin brother.

Meanwhile, the Freeptards are screaming about “states’ rights” and saying it’s just to take the spotlight off Holder and shit . . .

Schadenfreude is the best kind of freude! :smiley:

More details. Arpaio’s record is a whole lot more disturbing than I realized.

BrainGlutton–I’m not exaggerating when I argue that Arizona’s state government still operates on the 19th Century model of state government–"What’s in it for me? As for the public good, who the hell are you, a goddamn socialist?

I predict that once Arpaio is found to be a liability, the elites will turn on him like a pack of starving dogs in a sausage factory. Watch and learn…this is a state that overlooked land fraud, and looked the other way when reporter Don Bolles was assassinated by a car bomb for digging into the state’s collusion with the Mob. And the state’s pursuit of the culprits was about on par with Bush 43’s hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

If God Almighty ever comes back to judge Heaven and Earth, Arizona’s state government will be relegated to Bolgia Eight of the Maleboge.

I am glad to know that the Justice Dept. is moving forward in this case, because I have heard stories about how the fear in communities has become intense. Latinos feel under siege, and not just the new arrivals, but Chicanos whose families have been here for generations. People have been afraid to leave their homes or send their children to school, and anti immigration bullies, aka anti Latinos are becoming very unrestrained, and consider their racism to be patriotism, on top of law enforcement run amok.
This is the hell Latinos have been living in; yet many just idolize that sheriff, and would allow this abuse to go on…That is what I cannot wrap my mind around.
And those FReepers, do they believe that Arizona is a sovereign nation? “Arizona will be the first state to tell the feds if the case is upheld you enter our state you will be arrested.” Yikes!
These guys need a royal smackdown.

I would just like to say that Texas uses similar tactics apparently, the article mentions cases of US citizens arrested for not carrying ID. Can the motherfucking supreme court just spell this out finally please?!

I used to not carry ID if I was on foot in Texas for political reasons(I believed it was my constitutional right not to carry ID) and while I was never arrested for it(probably because I have a US accent despite always being identified as hispanic) two police officers told me point blank that they believed it was ILLEGAL not to have government ID and they could arrest for it. I was once walking at night when a police car pulled and asked for ID, when I answered no there was back and forth and the officer backed off.

Others weren’t so lucky in Houston and Dallas, it was a hot topic on a biking forum for the area.

Arizona is working on it:

Who the hell do they think they are, South Carolina?

Of course, if it comes to war again, maybe California can grab all their water rights to the Colorado River and we can let the bastards dry up and blow away.

This was my favorite one:

Probable cause for being swept up in a raid of suspected illegal immigrants is to be present at that raid. It’s just bad timing, really.

I’d love to see Arizona and Joe saddled with a large fine when this is over.

I’m wondering how did this get assigned to a Perez. Did he volunteer, get picked or his name just happened to be next in the roster?

It’s just oh-so-appropriate.

Okay, I’ll bite on what you quoted. If the purpose of the raid (assuming the raid was legal) was to find people who were in the country illegally, then doesn’t it make sense that anyone found within the scope of the raid who can’t identify themselves would be taken in until their identity can be proven?

How many white people where swept up and held for four hours until they could get someone to believe that they were American.

Being brown isn’t probably cause of anything.
However, I grant you it would have been more clever of me to state it this way: “Probable cause for being arrested is to be present when you’re arrested.”

snicker That would be funny. And any hispanic owned commodity company refusing to ship to Arizona.

Well, I don’t know. You didn’t mention if there was anyone not brown arrested, or even present during the raid. I would think that anyone present during a raid would have to identify themselves before being released. That should be normal police work.
Now, if you’re saying that they actually put down on a piece of paper that she was latina and that is one of the reasons she was detained, then the person doing so is an idiot.

I should have read a bit better as well as I assumed the raid was for immigration violations. It didn’t state that. It’s a bloody awful sentence:

“A Latina born in the United States was taken into custody for four hours in a raid to determine her immigration status.” Was the raid to determine her immigration status? Awful.

Better to be written as, “A Latina, born in the United States, after being picked up in a raid was held in custody for 4 hours to determine her immigration status.”

It’s late. I’m tired. And I’m quibbling…:rolleyes:

:confused: Didn’t you do that ninety years ago?!

From [url=]The City in Mind, by James Howard Kunstler, chapter on Las Vegas:

100 years of statehood down the drain.

The really sad part is that many over here do not care how much money gets down the lawyer’s drain of the fines that had to be paid by the shenanigans of Arpaio, not even if there is a deficit, talk about cutting your own nose…

We should just give Arizona back to Mexico. Being the brave upholder of law against Mexican criminals that he is, I bet old Joe would be proud to help the Mexican army as they risk life and limb daily trying to recover all the guns that originate in Arizona gun shops from drug cartels and crime scenes all over Mexico.