Re-elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio and help put the "or" back in honor

It looks like there are some limits to power, and Catch-22, after all. Sheriff Joe was previously found in civil contempt by this same judge a while ago who took a very long time in deciding whether to refer him for criminal prosecution or not. Sheriff Joe is also up for re-election to his seventh term (and previously spoke at the RNC last month).

The usual Sheriff Joe cultists are blindly calling this particular federal judge a biased liberal who is on some persona vendetta. Sheriff Joe, like Caesar, can apparently do no wrong. But this time, though, it looks like there might be some limits to his power and his ability to cost taxpayers yet more millions defending him and his agency (in reality: settling) against lawsuits from his ball-swinging, poorly thought-out policies and actions.

Story here.

Aw, are the illegal aliens (aka Democratic voters) being treated like the tax-taking criminal parasites that they are? Continue sobbing :slight_smile:

Sounds like a fair summary to me.

We’ve had much better trolls than you.

You really need to work some subtle wit into your posts to get yourself recognized. Get some more practice in the youtube comments sections and come back when you’ve perfected your routine.

Just to demonstrate the abyssal ignorance of aliensshow, Arpaio is in hot water not much for rounding up illegals; other cases, some of them brought by the ACLU, refer to **legal residents **and American citizens that fell in the discriminatory net of Arpaio and their rights were abused or denied as a result.

The latest news means also that Arpaio will cost the shortchanged state millions of dollars more to keep this guy out of prison were he belongs.

And this is still missing the other abuse of the law that Arpaio got into in his efforts to subvert the court:

That issue is coming later in another court case.

And as mentioned before Arpaio and Trump are peas in a pod. Trump not repudiating one of his biggest supporters for the presidency after revelations like this one (that were known already months before they joined hips) only demonstrates that Trump will do likewise and instead of politicians of the past that bankrupted the nation in foolish attempts at defending the USA, Trump will bankrupt the nation with all the efforts made just to defend himself from the courts.

At this point in Arizona’s history, the state is a festering boil on America’s ass. Hopefully the citizens will have an awakening at some point, but for now it’s dead zone.

Right, because to a conservative Republican, everyone who’s Hispanic is an illegal alien and a criminal. And Arpaio will treat them as such.

Hillary Clinton says thanks for Arizona’s electoral votes.

You know, this part of your post does a good job of describing the Bundys.

Did Sheriff Joe use county tax funds in his investigation of Obama’s birth? I can just see those investigators’ Hawaii travel reports.

Sadly, he has a lot of support out here.
But, things are slowly changing. McCain faces a tough re-election fight this year.
Who knows, maybe Joe will be voted out before he dies in office.

Speaking of the support Arpaio has, I have to post what this poster from FARK pointed out:

If you squint your eyes a little and fabricate some context that’s clearly a threat. Enjoy your stay in Tent City!

“Sadly,” LOL. He shits on illegal aliens all day long and laughs all the way to the bank. Try not to have an aneurysm.

As long as he is fucking over brown people, who needs hippy dippy shit like the Constitution?

Crawl back under your bridge.

Why is it only liberals who use the bigotted colloquialism “brown people?” I mean, I know why, I’m just wondering how long it’ll take the slower members of the short bus to catch on.

I was confused by this article. If a judge wants to hold someone in contempt, can’t he just do it? Why do the prosecutors have to get involved? :confused:

When I first heard of him, I thought he had the right idea until I found out how he treats pregnant inmates. No matter what she may have done, the baby doesn’t deserve to have a mother (who is likely drug-addicted and malnourished to begin with) who is given inadequate, half-spoiled food, and denied even basic medical care. :mad:

Why is it only conservatives who practice bigotry against people of color? Why are racial characteristics like skin-color permitted to be used in profiling suspects? Why is this kind of behavior acceptable to you, so much so that you accuse someone of bigotry for pointing it out?

“That policeman just beat the living crap out of that black guy over there.”
"You bigot! You referred to his skin color!)

It’s like you care more about words than people. (Oh, wait… Conservatives. Fuck right you do.)

“Bigotted” colloqiualism? Hardly.

At least we librulz :dubious: accept that they’re people