Sheriff Joe just won't go away

A question I posed two years ago has been answered:

The answer in “NO”. The little troll is running for mayor yet again. So for all the angst all of you are experiencing with the presidential election, at least you don’t have to see the dozens of “Joe Arpiao for Mayor” signs lining the roads into and out of town. Be thankful for the little things.

I’m sorry to hear that.

Most of us have some local yahoo who serves the same purpose. I for one find DeSantis For Governor signs mildly triggering. :wink:

Idjits; we’re having a nationwide plague of Reactionary Wacko Idjits.

Shame we can’t have a miraculous flock of Pterodactyls to save us, much as the Mormon pioneers in Utah were supposedly saved from a plague of crop-eating crickets by a miraculous flock of seagulls who happily devoured all the crickets just in time.

Our local delight who is flooding the local TV stations with ads is a woman who promises to deal with all those pesky immigrants who are grabbing up welfare money. Truly pathetic. I mute her and look away from the TV when the ads come on, always during the local news.

I sincerely thought he was dead.

Fortunately we are a tiny part of the Phoenix metro area, so no TV ads for the mayoral race. The mayoral election is done alongside the July 30 primary, so at least the signs will be down in a few weeks. The only reason this race is on anyone’s radar is the unusual fact that one candidate has national name recognition.

I am seeing far too many ads for a woman (who will remain unnamed) who is running for Washington State Representative. her entire campaign seems to be protecting her state from border crossing migrants-Secure The Border!!!. There are two states between Washington and Mexico, and she is running for state Representative. What the fuck is she planning to do to “secure the border”?

Maybe she’s worried about the hordes of Canadians coming from BC?

Stop the buses Abbott sends at the Columbia River

If it weren’t for the fact she a far-right nutter that supports Abbott(??), she probably would try something illegal like that.