Whats your Opinion of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

I have read up a bit about him (obligatory wiki link)
He seems pretty popular in the states, but his methods are whats shall we say? Cude? Effective. Inhumane? Crazy?

Cruel? Unusual?

I detest and despise him. I voted against him this year. He’s like Lou Dobbs with a gun and a title. I eagerly await when he’s finally caught in a scandal.

He just got his own Fox Reality show, Smile…You’re Under Arrest!

Pushing Daisies dies a far-before-its-time death, and American networks continue to bring out shows like this. Bah.

And I shudder to ask, what happens in that show. Why don’t the courts stop him in the US?

I’ve met him. He’s a showboat.

He’s a dick. There is plenty to go on but when the mayor tries to set the FBI on you and many human rights organizations have actually taken note of a sheriff I’d say the evidence is stacking up that this guy is a world class prick.

(My brother lives there so I hear about this guy from him a lot)

Having lived in Phoenix he’s got quite a few followers, and probably equal amounts of detractors. Some of his tactics work [tent city] others don’t [no smoking in jail]. I think 15 years ago he was a little more popular - when his ideas were more revolutionary and not so show-boaty.

Dressing prisoners in hot-pink and having them work on a chain gang is cruel and unusual.

FWIW I had no idea who you were talking about.

After reading the wiki link a few of his antics sound vaguely familiar but it isn’t like he is a household name out this way (although it is interesting he was born in Springfield MA).

Thanks for ruining my week, I hadn’t heard that. :frowning:

Chain gang maybe cruel

But hot pink?

If you are in prison you got more to worrry about than hot pink clothing.

And if THAT is your biggest concern your probably better off as far as society goes being in prison in the first place.

I’m sorry. We’ve actually been discussing it for a few weeks now in the last few episode threads. There are only three more, and while the network has committed to airing all of them, they haven’t committed to WHEN yet. Best guess is after the new year, and they may just burn off all three in one night.

The real shame here is on the voters of Maricopa County, AZ. (Sheriff is an elected office, isn’t it?)

The guy never met a TV camera he didn’t like.
Unfortunately, his simplistic approach is appealing to simple people - I saw him at breakfast awhile back, and he was being absolutely fawned over.
Personally, I think he’s a shameless self-promoter who’s had a few good ideas.

He’s a despotic bastard and is an embarrassment to Arizona. I cannot believe that we elected him again. I really thought that maybe he’d go down this year.

My parents used to be fans. He spoke at their church one year. Then they had a friend whose son got wrapped up in some legal difficulties resulting in prison time and they’ve since learned that the man is a pig. Neither of them voted for him this year either.

There have been so many suspicious activities but too many people just don’t care as long as the person being mistreated is an alleged ‘criminal’.

I believe part of the outrage is that Arpaio runs a jail, not a prison, and that the men in these chain gangs are not yet convicted of anything.

While I don’t think coddling convicted criminals is a good thing, this man gives every appearance of being just jerk off who’s hit upon a good way of making a name for himself. He probably has ambitions for higher political office, that seems a bad idea to me.

That aspect I can fully understand some outrage about.

I tend to agree with his general stance that “criminals” sure as heck shouldnt have it easier than hard working “honest” folks outside of prison that don’t break the law.

As to other possible “shady” dealings by him and his cohorts I have no idea…

I would guess probably even Hitler had some good ideas. But that neither makes Hitler not so bad nor does it make good ideas not so good.

Cite that the tent city “works”?

Please start by defining “works.” If all you mean is that it works by segregating the prisoners from society, then I guess it “works.” If you mean it reduces crime or something like that, I’d like a cite.

He’s a cock and I got in a pretty big fight with my parents back in November for voting for him.