DOJ Trying to take over Trump defamation lawsuit

What the flying fuck? Because he was President when he made a public claim not to know the woman who says he raped her and he said she was lying, and she then filed suit, that makes this a federal case against him as President, and therefore a suit against the United States, not Donald Trump?

What a humongous abuse of power. What a striking insult to the people of America.

Ok, so where are the Republicans rushing to condemn this action? Where are the “limited government” protesters clamoring for Trump’s head? Are we going to get any attempt to slap down Barr for this latest travesty? I predict… nope.

This is so infuriating!

And no, my topic is not similar to “Why does my cat try to trip me?” Which is what Discourse says based purely on my thread title.

This is pretty outrageous. Hopefully the Biden campaign will mention that Trump wants the taxpayers to fund his personal legal defense.

One step closer to making the head of state inseparable from the state. Isn’t that the basic definition of fascism?

This seems like a time wasting idea to delay documents. The argument that it is part of his duties seems very weak given when the alleged incident occurred. Still, when the DOJ has made other surprising decisions - lawyers have commented or excused themselves from the contretemps. What say they now?

So, who decides whether this is allowed?

A federal judge, or ultimately, the Supreme Court. No doubt whatever the ruling it will be appealed.

Yep, eventually SCOTUS will have to weigh in on this. Which is of course what this is all really about, delay, delay and more delay. Get past Election Day and if Trump wins then all the trouble makers can just be tossed in prison or silenced some other way.

reminds me of Louis XIV of France who said “I am the state”

Didn’t Trump already say something similar about him and America?

Gee… I wonder if this might be a transparent and derpy ploy to avoid discovery and a deposition prior to “a very special date”?

the 200 year old corpse of Louis XIV would do a better job of running America than trump

Although to be honest, the 200 year old corpse of Louis the XIV would probably do better than Louis the XIV in his prime (who would still be better than Trump)

The DOJ is the law firm that represents the interests of the so-called president, not the interests of the American people. Hear that? It’s the sound of sludgy water running down a storm sewer near the swamp that can no longer contain itself.

Congress can impeach Barr. Otherwise, no one decides. That is, I don’t understand how a court could decide this – can someone spell it out for me?

The existing case is something like E. Jean Carroll v, Donald J Trump. Only a judge can change that to E. Jean Carroll v. The United States. The biggest issue is not about who is defending the defendant, it’s about who the defendant actually is.

Ah, thanks! That part completely escaped me.

What are the chances that this actually happens?

And if it doesn’t were my taxes used to make the argument that more of my taxes should be used to defend him?

I am often appalled these days; I am rarely surprised. This is a horrible idea, and a grotesque misuse of taxpayer dollars. I suspect the Federal courts will ultimately say “Nice try, but no” to the Barr DOJ. Bonus points if they give him a whack upside the head!

The court already refused Trump’s request to have the case dismissed. This is just a stall tactic to avoid having to hand over documents and a DNA sample to the plaintiff’s lawyers before the election. After this is denied, I’m sure his defense team will come up with some other reason for him to shirk responsibility. Plus, it’s hard to argue that he was acting in his official capacity when denying the charges while they’ve conversely argued that all of his tweets that contain actual policy are not applicable.

I was thinking Louis XVI.