Dollar Stores

I’m sure we’ve all been to these places. My question is. . . .what is with all the off brand names that are sold there? I’ve never seen many of the names in regular stores. “Lincoln”? Who are these companies? Do they manufacture especially for Dollar Stores?
Or are these items that are closeouts?
Are they cheapie items made in the Phillipines or soemthing?
I know there ARE some name items in Dollar Stores, like Crest toothpaste. Are these closeouts also? Why would Crest sell their toothpaste to a Dollar Store when they could make more money selling to CVS for example?
I know I’m going all over the place, so I guess my questions is: are Dollar Stores legit- and where do they get all that junk?

Many are close-outs or slightly defective products being unloaded by either the OEM or their distributors. Be advised! You’d be surprised how even the most innocent thing, like cotton swabs can be found to be defective - like the cotton tip won’t remain on the stick! (You get what you pay for!)

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It’s also worthwhile to note that some of the ostensible “competitors” are actually owned by the same mega-corporation. In our area, Big Lots, Dollar Bill, Dollar Tree, and All For One are owned by the same mega-corp. Even some of the merchandise is the same.

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I’ve been to a couple of these places-a lot of the merchandise is not defective-it is usually stuff made for export markets (Mexico, Canada, S.America, etc.). This explains why you see brands unknown in the USA-you might get frosted flakes ™ under a different name, for the Mexican market. I belived that this stuff is usually wholesaled out, then resold to whoever operates these stores. Some of the stuff is junk, of course.