How much stuff at the dollar store is counterfeit?

Chain stores like Dollar Tree and such will have things like Disney books and toys. Not that I really care, but just curious as to how much of that stuff is OEM and how much is counterfeit.

Since nobody else has responded to this, I’ll offer a WAG that a big chain like Dollar Tree couldn’t get away with selling counterfeit/illegal merchandise, so the answer to your question is, “Practically none.” (Although that answer might not apply to some sketchy local non-chain shop.)

Why do you think any of the stuff would be counterfeit? Are you supposing the licensing fees would make the items too expensive to sell for a dollar? If so, I can think of two possible responses: (1) the Disney (etc.) merchandise you find there is really cheap to make, even with licensing fees added, or (2) it’s leftover or discontinued merchandise that didn’t sell elsewhere.

I think it’s more likely to be number one rather than number two. Dollar Tree, for instance, has over 13,000 stores, Dollar General has over 11,000 stores, 99 Cent Only Stores over 11,000 stores, Big Lots over 12,000 stores and so forth. My point is that there are too many of these stores to be supplied only by leftover or discontinued merchandise. So the merchandise is real, but either off brands or small enough sizes of the name brands to alllow them to sell at a competitive price.

Maybe not counterfeit, but “close-to-counterfet”. For example, they sell Chinese-made batteries…that look an awful lot like Energizer batteries. Same banding , colors, etc. Only when you try to use them, you find that they last a few days only.

Attached to (1), a lot of the books are very thin. Like eight pages with a soft cover or a four page board board. I was in a small town with a dollar store trying to find a book to amuse my kid once and noticed how scant the books were. Selling one for a buck or two wouldn’t surprise me. I mean, the store does the same thing with a lot of other products (slim bottles of name brand dish soap, smaller tubes of toothpaste, etc).

They sell stuff that you’ll pay a dollar for. They have to make money to stay in business so the stuff is worth less than a dollar. What did you think you were going to get?

The stuff you see like that is remaindered or close-out. I’ve gotten stuff that originally came from Wal-Mart but they covered the Wal-Mart sticker. That’s the stuff that you better buy it when you see it because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

I love Dollar Tree. Shop there all the time.

I’ve never had a problem with their batteries. Now I don’t use them on high energy electronics. But they’re fine in remotes and flashlights.

There’s crap Disney stuff at Target and Wal Mart too for a dollar. My friend just bought a Princess bath towel at Wal Mart for a dollar.

The dollar books at Target are the same quality as the ones Jophiel described.

A lot of the stuff at 99 Cents Only Stores is exactly the same merchandise you get elsewhere. I think a lot it of ends up there because of transportation issues, or something like that, not because it’s “counterfeit.”

Occasionally you’ll see the things they sell at a dollar store for less at Wal-Mart.

I’m not saying that they’re no good, I have no idea, but I know that I’m not getting Energizer batteries for that price unless they’re old or have some other problem. I bought a bunch of plasticware at a Family Dollar recently, I was obviously getting what I paid for, there was no reason to think the stuff was counterfeit or in any way shady, it’s just cheap stuff made to be sold for a buck a piece. I don’t know if they also have overstock merchandise or close-outs being sold below cost, but it looked like most of the stuff there was made for them. I didn’t see anything that was really worth more than a dollar, or even pretended to be.

I was researching this a while back during a five-day power outage and found this website that had actual test results:
Tired of throwing away money on batteries that don’t seem to last? I bought 11 different brands of AA batteries and put them in identical flashlights to shed some light on which ones last the longest. I’m testing major labels, drug store brands, and a few I found at the Dollar Store.
I turned the flashlights on and waited. The first to go was the Panasonic alkalines. They lasted a minute shy of two hours. The Rayovacs that came with the flashlight were next. They only lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. The Panasonic Plus gave out at 2:45. 3 hours and 33 minutes is when the Evereadys died. The Dollar Store’s longest-lasting battery was Sunbeam. These batteries are 25 cents each and lived four and a half hours.

The trick as with batteries you buy anywhere, is to get alkaline batteries, and not “Heavy Duty” batteries, which are the old zinc-chloride (or even older zinc-carbon) chemistry.

For example, a AA sized “Heavy Duty” battery puts out like 1100 mAh, while an AA alkaline battery puts out upwards of 2300 mAh in most cases.

I sell a product that uses eight 9v batteries. Since I ship it with batteries, I always buy them at the dollar store, where I can actually get 2/$1. I’ve never had a customer complain that I am using crappy batteries, and the difference in my costs when supplying eight of them is substantial.

I did some negotiating with a battery manufacturer out in California, they made AA and AAA batteries at the facility.

Basically they made blank batteries and private labelled to whoever, they had a contract to private label for a brand name, probably #2 or #3 in the USA.

Minimum order was something along the lines of $3M but at that point your were paying about $0.35 for a 4pack of batteries in nice packaging.

They were good batteries, it’s a shame these chains buy knock offs to save a few pennies, when they could have a good product for a little more.

They had a large Frozen 2016 calendar activity book which I’m thinking isn’t yet an discontinued item.

I’ve found that the Sunbeam alkaline batteries are pretty good 4/$1, especially for things like kids toys and remotes and such.

Stay the f*** away from dollar strore razors that aren’t name brand. Unless you want to be called Scar Face the rest of your life. :eek: I almost learned that the hard way!

Same with “feminine products”. I cheaped out one day and regretted it. You ever had such a thing literally disintegrate while in use?

I read that razor blades are the number two counterfeited item made after batteries.