Dollar Stores

In the mall the other day at the dollar store and a few things occurred to me:

  1. just how much crap is being made in the world?

  2. why do people insist on asking the price of things in a dollar store (I asked the cashier and she said people ask that question EVERY DAY!!) IT’S A FREAKIN’ DOLLAR!!!

3)If you are an author and your book appears in a dollar store (recently purchased “Richard Bachman’s” “The Regulators”), what would you feel?

  1. A whole bunch.

  2. Well, I’ve been in dollar stores that have some items that are two, three or four for a dollar.

  3. Depends on whether I had a shitload of other books on the bestseller lists or not, I suppose.

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I cannot get over the rubes that constantly ask how much something is in Dollar Stores.

There is too much crap being made and apparently a market is found for it through Dollar Stores.

99% is junk, but if you can find it, the 1% is a steal. My best find were car sun screen shades for the back door windows for the baby. These things NEVER came off and worked like a charm. UNTIL, the ever brilliant hubby rolled down the window a little bit while on the Penna Turnpike and the screen was sucked out the window and given up to the Turnpike Gods.

Once, at a dollar store, I bought a picture (framed) of 3 lactating orangetans. One was nursing. Thier tetes hung down a good twelve inches (by my perception). It’s probably the wrongest thing I’ve ever seen. Why did I buy this? Well I figured…

  1. somebody had to see that in the open and say ‘hey, that’d make a good picture!’

  2. then he would have to sell it and mass produce it. which means someone would have to invest some cost to produce.

  3. Then someone would have to pick out the right frame for it.

  4. then some retailer would have to go ‘yeah, i’d like to sell that in my store.’

  5. Then he would have to actually stand behind his product.

…So I figure, if it made it that far, then I couldn’t let the legacy die on that shelf. it hung in my music room for years and i bet only 2 people ever said anything about it.

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My favorite dollar store purchase was a pack of incense with a picture of a cat on the cover, and labeled: “Flavor: Pussy.”

Ah dollar stores, I love them ! Lots of rap, but one in awhile you find some great stuff.

I buy stuff I can use for crafting. Dolls, jars, bottles. There is almost always a decapitated doll laying around my house somewhere.

So much junk in the world , so little time !

There are some stores that say $1.oo and up.
But if the sign says nothing over a dollar, well thats my place.

::Shrugs:: I’m cheap, what can I say ?

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My wife is constantly reminded of the time she was in the “Everything’s A Dollar” store and she wondered why there were no price tags. It’s become one of those family legends we are justified in bringing up every time she starts acting a little superior.

I, too, like to browse at dollar stores. Every Christmas I spend twenty bucks or so on stocking stuffers. And it’s a great place for gag gifts.

The downside for me is that while I’m in there buying stuff for a joke there are also people in there shopping for real! That’s a real downer at Christmas!!

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I’ve always been tempted to go into Everything 99¢, walk up to the cashier, plunk down three quarters, two dimes, and four pennies, and say “Here’s ninety nine cents. I’ll take everything!”

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Must resist. . .Must exhibit. . .self control. . .
I can’t!!!

Damn man, I’ve been spending $13.95 and more for Run DMC and Coolio CDs. Where’s this dollar rap store???
<And, I do know it was simply a typo &rt;

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Oh, I find some useful stuff in these places, too. The funny thing is to see a dollar store pop up in a strip shopping center, only to see a 99-cent open up next door. Then the dollar store goes to 98-cents, and so forth.

My favorite sections in these stores are the grocery and health-beauty aisles. Usually it’s discontinued stuff or store-brand buy-outs, but sometimes it’s stuff made just for this type of store. “What’s that alluring fragrance you’re wearing?” “Why it’s ‘FLORAL PERFUME’”.

Okay, I have to admit that the first time I was in a dollar store years ago, I asked the evil question. Except that I didn’t even get a chance to ask it! All I said was, “This may be a stupid question, but…” and she growled “Yes! Everything’s a dollar!”.

Hey, I COULD have been about to ask if she had that cool painting of lactating monkey tetes. But someone beat me to it.

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I get picture frames at the dollar store. They have those nice floral ones. They’re pretty. :slight_smile:

A while back, I bought some of the dollar store’s brand of Noxzema. The menthol (or whatever it is that makes that intoxicating Noxzema smell) was much stonger than in the brand-name stuff. Just about gave me a buzz. But it felt sooooo good on my face, with that nice hot shower. Talk about a pore-opener.

Worst/best buy at a dollar store was a Georgie doll, the gayest doll I’ve ever seen!It was an African-American male, shirtless, with pink “Richard Simmons” shorts, and … LIPSTICK!!! I also got a teddybear shirt that said “Sand, Sun, Sex” went perfect with my Georgie doll. The best thing about the doll was that the legs opened as they were bent. Eeww.

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Kyoko Baby,

Well I have been in more than one store that claimed to be a “dollar store” (I think one was called “The Dollar Store”) and saw things for $2 and $3 sometimes. We bought my son a little table and chairs there… the table was $3 and the chairs were like $1.89 each.

O p a l C a t

Ok, so I have this best friend who just got his first apartment. My son and I were hanging out over there one night; my son had brought his little plastic army men. Los, my friend, was so jealous he wanted some for himself, but he couldn’t think of a place to put them. After a couple beers I suggested the underneath part of this cabinet that was attached to the ceiling. And with that suggestion we made the trip to the Dollar Mart. We bought two bags of Army men and some crazy glue. There was enough stuff to make up a whole army seen and even an upside down airplane. Everyone comments on it.
Now all we have to do is finish that beer can wall and his place will be the envy.

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