Dollhouse 5/8 - Season Finale

OK, so who else is really looking forward to tonight’s season finale of Dollhouse? Last week’s cliffhanger has kept me on edge, and I really want to know how things work out. The show’s tenuous chances of a second season also sharpen the expectation. I think that there is good reason to hope that this episode will wrap things up well enough to be a show finale, but will leave enough loose threads to allow the show to continue if it is given a second season. Given the writers involved, I think that is a recipe for a damn fine hour of television. At least one reviewer agrees:

I know that there is a thirteenth episode that has been shot, which Fox will not air. Does anyone know if this episode will be available for download some time soon? I know they are planning to include it on the DVD set, but I’m hoping to get access too it earlier than that.

Looks like the answer is no. :smiley:

I’ll watch it tomorrow, but since I am pretty certain it won’t be back, I’m not as excited about it as I might have been.

I’m excited, but busy watching. Back in about ten minutes. :wink:

Bye Madeline. Wuv you!

So, if Dollhouse comes back, do you think Ballard will be a handler?

So, that’s what happened to Alpha. I wonder what it’s like to have 48 full personalities in your head.

I like the way it seemed that Alpha was cracking up.

I’m amused that a song used in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was played over the last bit of the episode.
And I don’t think Alpha was cracking up, he was just busy being 48 people. :slight_smile:
I really liked the “I’m not bluffing! Actually, I’m bluffing…But most of us aren’t bluffing!”
Nicely done Mr Tudyk!

And one of them *is *a sufferer of multiple personalities.

Wow, that was a cracker. Loved the whole lengthy sequence in Alpha’s lair, and how the writers turn up every stone regarding the implications of Doll technology. The concept of being able to download into a series of bodies some unfortunate personality that you could torture and kill again and again (“until I get bored”, I believe Alpha said) was particularly horrifying.

Thought the B story involving Topher and Whiskey was really well played as well, with plausible development, a Whedon hallmark, of both characters. Liked that Topher seems to be slowly realizing just what a complete asshole he is, but really, the deep sadness of both characters was highly affecting.

Want more. MORE!!!

You listening, FOX?

Does anyone know what song Whiskey was dancing to in the flashback with Alpha?

I’m going from memory, but I believe that was “In Dreams” sung by Roy Orbison. Used to similar effect in the David Lynch movie Blue Velvet. I’m guessing that scene was an homage to that movie.

In the unlikely event that the show returns, there will be no Miracle Laurie. That sucks.

Nah, Ballard and Boyd will begin a cross-country hunt of Alpha, with a doll of the week helicopter’d to them as they need various skills.

I’m pleased a few of my questions were cleared up, especially the backstory of Alpha (even though my previous guess had been completely wrong about him). Looks like we were right about Whiskey, although I don’t think we considered who the previous imprint was. I’m sorry we didn’t find out who the Dollhouse Mole is.

Did anything ever happen with Sierra and November after they got the badass female investigator / manhunter-type imprints?

Not that I remember. The importance of that scene was that is was Sierra who was all over Ballard and November who ignored him.

…and that Topher knew which personalities he was choosing and loading into the bodies. He could easily have loaded them the other way around.

I wonder… assuming the technology was possible… could you imprint the personality and abilities of a genius onto a doll’s body with, say, a natural IQ of 100? I mean the brain’s physical capabilities… do they matter?

I think you can make someone smarter by imprinting–brains are all pretty similar, when they’re healthy. Intelligence seems to come in the cross-connections, which would have to be what they’re rearranging in the chair.

However, I think they try to recruit smart people for their actives. At least, three of the ones for whom we’ve seen or heard about some of their normal lives seemed above average–Caroline, Alpha, and the lab tech from the drugged-out episode.

On the other hand, Madeline didn’t give me any impression of brilliancy.