Dollhouse premier - Feb 13, 2009

Abnyone else looking forward to this? I can’t resist a Joss Whedon / Eliza Dushku combination.

To top it off, it is on after Terminator : Sarah Conner Chronicles. So we have two hours of hot brown-eyed brunettes with Whedon connections

I believe Mss. Glau and Dushku are “hosting”


I don’t have a good feeling after reading Tim Goodman’s review, as his opinions usually line up with mine.

From the above article:

“And then there’s Dushku the muse - the actress who inspired the series Whedon built around her. Obviously he sees something in her. But will viewers? That’s a lot of faith.”

Love the pun.

Should have gave the show to Glau. I can’t get enough of her. :slight_smile:

Sounds like it wants to be DOLL. Given that Firefly wanted to be Cowboy Bebop, I can’t say this particularly endears me to Whedon. He seems to do better when modifying American tropes than Japanese.

The review I read this a.m. says this week’s ep is so-so, but next week’s kicks ass.
Coincidentally, I caught Serenity on SciFi last night.
At this point, JW has earned my attention, and until he proves otherwise, I imagine I’ll watch pretty much anything he puts on TV, screen, or the net.

Too bad they’re doing the wrong show. With a built-in fanatic audience this is the perfect time to launch a Faith series. But it’s too early in Joss’s career. He’s young and still trying to prove he’s not a one trick pony. Eventually, when he gets older and hungrier, he’ll go back to the well. But too bad he’s missing a opportunity now. He’s already got Eliza…and Alexis Denisof seems to be out-of-work currently…

Here’s a article about it.

Sounds like the first episode will be rather serious, gotta set everything up.

I’m just hoping it’s better than My Own Worst Enemy and has a longer run.

Same attitude here. Whedon is on my very short list of people where I will watch anything they put out. No matter how retarded it sounds I’ll still watch it. Hell, I’d probably watch gay porn if Whedon wrote and directed it.

Joss Whedon craps things better than My Own Worst Enemy, though I have heard only mediocre buzz on Dollhouse’s premiere.

Every promotional indication is that it’s awful, starting with the fact that it stars Eliza Dushku. If she kicks anyone in Episode 1, you’ll know it’s a dog.

Well, it’s surprisingly good and I really think it can get better if Fox doesn’t cancel it tomorrow morning(I wish I was exaggerating).

So does Echo have the memory of that guy or does the implanted personality?

I missed the first half of the episode. I’m typing this just after scene in which Echo’s personality was about the be wiped. The dialog made it seem like she was aware that this was going to happen. Are we to believe that these “dolls” are aware of what is done to their memories, and that they don’t have a problem with it?

Wow. This is much worse than I anticipated. If it’s not significantly better next week, I’m bailing.

No, apparently the Dolls (or Actives) are kept ignorant of their reality. Apparently they signed up for this arrangement in the beginning… but it didn’t seem like she had much of a choice.

hobscrk777, they seem to have some awareness of ‘going in for treatment’ as a part of their lives, so they don’t question it, but don’t realize that it involves wiping their memories. At the start Echo went for a treatment session after spending a weekend with a great guy, and was obsessing about whether she should call him back right after treatment or if it’d seem clingy. :wink:

I love this, especially the end. Alpha, presumably, would be the first Active, by the naming system - so has he gone rogue? Was that him, watching pre-Echo’s yearbook video thingee surrounded by the slaughtered bodies?

And - it has been WAY too long since I’ve seen the Mutant Enemy mascot for a new project on broadcast TV. Hope the fox doesn’t chase him away again. :wink:

He put a girl in a refrigerator.
Not very good, really. I might give it a try next week but the premise was oddly Aaron Spelling with none of the stuff I enjoy about Joss Whedon’s shows when I see them.

I agree that the promotion is awful. Fox advertises all its shows the same way, apparently hoping that the same all audience tunes in for all its shows.

The first episode was alright. Not brilliant, but ok. Lets hope Whedon knows where he is going with this.

I trust the internet will let him know it wasn’t that good.

I thought it was pretty good. I’ll tune in next week.