Domestic violence is both funny and sexy !!

Recently there was an incident of domestic violence in which one partner set the other’s hair on fire. The burn-ee went to the hospital. (cite: check Google News, “Casey Johnson”)

**THIS IS FUNNY !!! **

Actually, storyteller0910 finds “humor” in it, Omniscient finds it “sexy”, Marley23 merely wishes it had happened “during the (football) season”.

Seriously. Check out this thread in The Game Room: “J-E-T-S! Flaming! Lesbian! Catfight!”

But here are some highlights:

Somebody beats up their girlfriend, sets her hair on fire(!), and it’s a “shame” because it didn’t happen before a particular sports event? Funny signs and “Good times”? How so?

OK, I’ll bite. Where’s the other 50% come from?

Seriously? This was domestic violence, one sending the other to the hospital. That’s sexy? Do you have an intimate partner? Any of your family or friends have intimate partners? If two of them, or you and yours, got in a fight, requiring hospitalization, would that be sexy? Please… do explain how.

Really? “High comedy”?

Wow. I can’t even come up with a scathing enough reply for that. I’ll just let you speak for yourself…

Yes, we laugh at pretty much everything. 90% of humor is laughing at the suffering of others. Have you not realized this yet?


We’ve come a long way from the 1930s, '40s and '50s, when all domestic violence could be portrayed as sexy-funny.
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Now at least it has to be between members of an out-group.

One time my high school biology teacher set his mustache on fire while toasting his English muffin on the bunsen-burner.

That was hilarious.
[sub]Why the hell does a biology teacher have a bunsen-burner anyway?[/sub]

I’m so glad you did this, you silly oversensitive doofus. Once again, the humor in this situation comes from the combination of a highly unusual incident with a football franchise that has been star-crossed. That you read some sort of misogyny into the fact that people laugh when something embarassing happens, again, to the pitiful Jets, says way more about you than about those who laugh.

I’d tell you to go fuck yourself, but I’m afraid there’d then be a lecture on how tragic it would be if someone in my family accidentally got injured fucking themselves, so let’s just go with:

I am so glad I’m not you.

And the scene covering this insight from Stranger in a Strange Land will forever be burned into my mind.

Yeah, there’s some gallows humor that lurks around here. It’d be pretty tiring to get worked up about it all. This is what people do. Welcome to Earth!

Remind me of what that was? I read that book about 9 years ago.

Michael not understanding humor until they’re in the monkey house and he sees monkey A steal food from monkey B, so monkey B goes and beats up monkey C.

To toast his English Muffin, obviously.

While he was eating it? That must have been a man on a very tight schedule.

At which point he laughs until tears are streaming down his face. It’s the first time he’s laughed in the book. When he recovers enough to speak, he says something along the lines of, “We laugh because it hurts.”

You have to laugh, or you’ll just cry. People who don’t laugh are just wound too tight.

See: OP.

I favor Mel Brooks. “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.”

Edit: But yeah, on a deeper level, the Heinlein quote is even better.

Hmm…look up Dizzy Gillespie’s hit from the 50s-60s: Poor Joe.

All about the violence. And intended to be funny.

I’m not the only one here with a particular cause celebre, political viewpoint, or “agenda” which we take the opportunity to promote even in threads not dedicated to that particular topic. People frequently interject their particular pet peeve – politics, religion, taxation, whatever – in their posts.

My particular pet peeve is the negative portrayal of men in the mass media. Specifically, but not limited to, the portrayal of domestic violence as only being perpetrated by men. Inversely correlated is the downplaying, even making light of, domestic violence perpetrated by women.

Recently there’s a thread here about the death penalty in which someone pointed out (paraphrasing here): Saying you are unilaterally *against *the death penalth, except in certain really really eggregious cases, means that you really *aren’t *against the death penalty. I feel the same way about domestic violence. If you think domestic violence is bad, oh… except in really funny cases, then you *don’t *really think domestic violence is bad.

Google “Hiram Monserrate” and read about how he’s accused of slashing his girlfriend with a broken glass. She went to the hospital, initially indicated she wanted to press charges, but has since changed her tune. Oh yeah, Hiram Monserrate just got seated in the NY State Senate.

*I bet he’s going to slash taxes too!! Hah - hah!! *
Was that funny?

I quote this pretty often: Man is the animal that laughs because it hurts too much to cry.

I’m not sure I endorse it though.

You can’t take the New York State Legislature as evidence of anything, though. That entire group is fucked up beyond repair. [/end pointless hijack]

We often find humor in the absurd, even in the very tragic. It’s the nature of humor.

Obviously, Helen Keller’s predicament was particularly harsh. Dead babies are especially sad. Elephants hiding in refrigerators? It is to weep!

Dead babies are sad. I cry.

Dead baby jokes are hilarious sometimes. The outlandishness of some jokes makes them funny - despite the fact that IRL, I would NEVER laugh about a baby dying.

Can you see the difference? Or am I pitted too?
Poster above me - I thought of dead babies first! I was…ah… distracted, so you beat the clock.
I’ll get you next time, and your little dog too!