parkega3, is there something wrong with you?

So, one day I see this in the “Good jokes you’ve heard recently” thread:

Okay, you hate cats. I get it. I guess not everyone likes the same things I do. Really, it’s just one cat-related joke - and it’s not too mean for the cat. I can live with it.

A little while later, **parkega3 **posts this in the Jokes thread:

Yes, because jokes about things you hate are automatically hilarious, especially if something is harmed.

Parkega3 then attempts to turn his/her hatred of cats into a very unfunny running gag:

I go to the jokes thread for a good laugh, but I haven’t been doing a lot of laughing there lately.

I do understand that some people hate cats, and that not everyone likes cats, and that not everyone likes the same things that I do. But still, I have to wonder if someone spends that much effort into hating something, and wishing horribly cruel things on it, if there’s something wrong with that person.

(Also, I have multiple things wrong with me and I realize the irony of asking this about someone else.)

That is all. Carry on.

Wow. I could see Pitting him if he were telling stories about how he actually killed or hurt cats on a regular basis. But telling three jokes in a row? Seriously?

I thought they were witty. And I like cats. The second one is a little odd, but honestly, I don’t see anything worth getting one’s knickers in a twist here.

The ignore feature is a wonderful thing…
(bah, stupid caps lock!)

Seems fairly light hearted to me. I’m pretty sure he didn’t ACTUALLY put pop rocks in the kitty litter - just as I’m pretty sure the kitty in the other joke wasn’t trying to say “fuck off”. Even if he did put pop rocks in the kitty litter - that seems extremely tame and not traumatizing.

Seems to me like he is actually just trying to develop a character - he is the grumpy guy who now doesn’t like cute kittens as much. I didn’t read the first post more than once, but I didn’t even see any violence towards the kitty in it. I am pretty sure most guys would (if the story was true) not run around with a cat’s nails in their sack. With most guys - kitty would have been punched in the nose - hard.

My wonderment starts at somebody who’s panties bunch up over jokes.


Puleeze. The cat attacked his balls and lived to shit in the kitchen later. I guess by your name that you are female. Take it from me, a guy, an attack to the nuts will make you want to punch babies. The guy obviously is merely annoyed by the cat and likes to exaggerate replies to that annoyance.

In short, Lighten up Francis!

Goddamn. Cat worship is annoying and stupid. He told three jokes about cats.

It’s ok not to find the jokes funny because you love cats so much. To think something’s wrong with him smacks of something wrong with YOU.

News flash: I hate cats, too.

How do you make a cat go “woof!”?

Soak it in gas and put a match to it.

My cat tore up a bit of carpet the other day and I called her a buttface. Because her face looks like a butt.

Well of course you would say that. I think your username makes it clear where you stand on this ages-old conflict.


On three legs while lifting the fourth.

Alf: “I love cats! Cat B-B-Q, cat stew, cat-ska-bobs, deep fried cat…”

Judging by that first story I’ll go ahead and go with “his”. This was a substandard pitting btw.

Gotta say, as someone who’s a confirmed & card-carrying Crazy Cat Lady I don’t find those jokes so horrible. I don’t think they’re funny, but they don’t offend my cat-addict sensibilities either.

Yeah, really. Dude contributes 3 jokes he probably swiped from the “I Hate Cats Jokes” website (I assume there is some such thing) and you get your knickers in such a twist you decide it’s a pitting? I like cats just fine, but I find your level of outrage and offense taken…excessive.

I love cats, dogs, & other little animals. I despise cruelty to them.

I laughed at this.

I was also in hysterics during the re-animated cat scene in, of course, REANIMATOR.

That was an awesomly bad, awesome movie.

How do you make a dog go “meow?”

Dip it in liquid nitrogen and run it through a bandsaw.

The first two stories made me think that parkega3’s problem was that he didn’t really have a handle on the point of the jokes thread; they were evidently both “humor” monologues (and in fact they were humorous in much the same way that “collectibles” from the Franklin Mint are collectable). The third one was actually a joke; and, had parkega3 not chosen to open his routine by establishing his “Cat-Hatin’-Sam-the-Master-of-the-Hilarious-Yarn” persona, it would have been a decent addition to the thread.

That said, the OP of this thread really needs to lighten up.

ETA: And the two jokes in the post immediately preceding mine are quite good.

Also, if a cat is avoiding his litter box, he’s hardly likely to use it just because someone puts Pop Rocks in it. So the joke appears to be on the kitty-hater in that second story.