Domino's Pizza

I think you were reading that post kind of wrong.

Except for Happy Joe’s. Their taco pizza in particular is without equal.

A Domino’s in my old town actually had anchovy pizza on the menu. I’d never had it, or known that Domino’s offered it, until a co-worker ordered it and I decided to try it. It was excellent! Then I moved, and the Domino’s where I live now doesn’t have anchovies on the topping menu; they said they used to but didn’t have enough demand for them, so they stopped carrying them.

Another reason to stake Domino’s in the heart. A pizzeria that doesn’t offer anchovies is an abomination unto the Lord.

I still like Pizza Hut, and I don’t care who knows it. But my local favorite is either Monte Cellos or Bellisarios. Luciano’s is good too. Pittsburgh, fortunately, has a lot of decent pizza places.

This. I would have added them to my order tonight, but bzzzzzzz. Not available.

I just order from the one closest to the motel. At home, never.

I dumpster dive for the discarded cardboard delivery boxes. All the flavor (the flavor’s in the grease!) and no tipping issues.


What DSYoung said. I have a Marco’s literally 5 minutes away, and they are my second favorite chain pizza (Lou Malnati’s is first).

I haven’t had Domino’s since long before they implemented their “new improved” pizza, so I can’t speak to their current tastiness. Before then, the only pizzas they were better than were Papa John’s and Cici’s.

I will say it. If I’m going to order from a chain, Dominos is usually it. Plus they seem better, in my limited experience, with selection of extras. Round Table is fine. I have a bias against Pizza Hut but haven’t had it in years so I can’t comment truthfully. Little Caesar’s is cheap and greasy. Costco is soggy. Never had Papa John’s in my life.

Ordering pizza is always a mistake. Any pizza made by people is by definition crap. Besides nobody even likes the good pizza made by the Keebler Elves and they make a mean cube of ice too.

Go home, Drunky. You’re drunk.

I used to hate Domino’s, but we recently tried it again here in Honolulu, and it was okay. Ate it on site, didn’t have it delivered. I remember it sucked bilge water back in West Texas.

I remember they entered Bangkok in 1995 and flopped in just six months. Then they reentered a few years ago and seem to be making it. Never tried them there though.

I worked at a Domino’s for a year back in college. It was in a strip mall adjacent to a grocery store. I’d been there for probably four months when someone ordered a pizza with anchovies. We didn’t stock them, the manager sent me over to the grocery store to get a tin.

It wasn’t a bad place to work, and I ate the pizza then and still do sometimes. The shop I worked at had regular pizza ovens, not the conveyor-belt type, and that made a bit of a difference.

As for the mom-and-pop, neighborhood places, there must be hundreds of them around Boston. Maybe there are a few good ones (and I do have one I like within walking distance) but for the most part they strike me as utterly bland and forgettable.

The quality of the pizza is inversely proportional to the number of restaurants in the chain.

You always get the best pizza in an individual pizza shop. This is due to two reasons: the recipe is created to please the owner, not a focus group, and a small shop can’t stay in business if they offer bad pizza.

I never order from chain pizza shops. The best you can hope for from them is consistent mediocrity.

Those plain wings are my albatross (maybe they’re made of albatross, I dunno). When my wife was doing some high-protein diet she became hooked on them and even now she says “I want wings!” which means I’m eating Domino’s pizza that night. Honestly, all C-tier pizza tastes about the same to me so I don’t care that it’s not Pizza Hut or some other chain but would obviously rather it was from a local independent. But they ain’t got those damned wings.

Guests don’t show locarion . it has nothing g to do withbeing ashamed. Click on their name and look at their profile. If they don’t want to tell you, it won’t be there.

If anything, actually asking is prying.

Dominos was fine but generic back when I last ate their food, but that was in college. I didn’t dislike it, though. This was well before the suave update.

You haven’t tried to order pizza in one of the west Jacksonville, FL, suburbs, then. Even the local mom and pop is awful. I once got, God as my witness, canned diced tomatoes and paste – no herbs, garlic, or anything else – as the “sauce”. Ugh.

I don’t order pizza when I’m in Florida now. I make it. I even made crust last time from my mom’s old recipe from the Italian mom of a former boyfriend that she has used forever.

My very small hometown in central Florida had TWO excellent pizzarias owned by expat NYC natives, one a retired cop. We had great pizza. Also, cappicola and provolone sammiches on a sub roll with a bit of pizza sauce. Favorite food of students from the high school at lunch. :smiley:

We used to have Joey’s Pizza in Germany, but that was recently taken over by Domino’s; Joey’s used to be alright, but I tried Domino’s exactly once—ketchup on cardboard, no thanks. Judging by the amount of promotional offers I receive from them via email, promising free drinks, muffins, and pizzas, they seem somewhat desperate for business.