Why do you hate Dominoes Pizza?

With the recent Tv commercials about how they’re trying to improve their product, I went out to taste their “new improved” recipe. What I found out is that Dominoes is nearly gone in my state. The two closest stores to me are over 20 miles away from each other, and there are less than 10 stores left in my state.

It didn’t seem any different than when I worked there in the '90’s. I never really thought of their pizza as horrible, but it certainly was/is inferior to other major competitors. When I was working there, they started the whole “fresh eating” or something campaign, and the toppings and taste increased in quality.

Why do you dislike Dominoes pizza?

Both times I tried the Domino’s Pizza at my freeway exit, the pepperoni tasted like dirty dishwater.

I don’t like Domino’s pizza because it doesn’t taste good.

I haven’t really thought much past “vile, inedible crap in a pizza box.”

Looks like pizza, smells like pizza, tastes like cardboard. IIRC, they got a big foothold early because they set up in college towns and offered the “30 minutes or it’s free” thing. Their product has always tasted like crap.

Wow, interesting. :slight_smile:

When I was young, the standard for bad pizza was the Tombstone brand of frozen pizza with the diced mystery meat on it, soggy cracker crust, and ketchup for sauce. It was kind of like how you would imagine pizza would be on Bizzarro world.

Dominoes though was infinitely better than that.

I don’t hate Dominos Pizza. I mean, there are some other pizza places I like better, but I usually order from Dominos, between the fact that they’re open late, you can order online, and they deliver fast.

I always liked Tombstone because the pepperoni was spicy.

I think we’ve got recent threads about this.

I always declined to eat Domino’s in the 1990-2008 period because it WAS crap.

Evidently, in the last year, they’ve come around to the world as it is today, and improved their pizza to at least OK.

How did you know it was pepperoni? I thought they diced it because it was actually hotdogs.

See, this is like saying you quit hitting your head against the wall and now you feel better.

I have turned down FREE Dominoe’s multiple times in the last 20 years.

It had rounds of pepperoni, and the diced stuff tasted the same as the sliced.

As long as Pizza Hut is still in existence, I can’t hate Domino’s.

It’s funny that you mention pizza…that’s what we had for supper. I picked it up from Big Time Pizza (http://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/Manitoba/Winnipeg/Big-Time-Pizza/6145929.html) a local chain.

I don’t, and prefer it to Papa John’s and Pizza Hut for chain delivery pizza.

I, too, far prefer Tombstone to Domino’s. It’s only soggy if you don’t prepare it correctly. The Tombstones we’d get at one of the local bars were always as crisp as a cracker crust should be. When I make them myself, I don’t follow the instructions. Pretty much all frozen pizzas tell you not to thaw them. I thaw it, and I cook it in a 450-500F oven. No problems with soggy crusts. I don’t know if that’s how the bar did it, but that’s how I do it, and it works for me.

The main thing I hate about almost all chain pizza is their crusts suck. Limp and flavorless. Granted, Tombstone isn’t much better in this department, but at least I can get it to how I like it for this style of pizza.

While I don’t care for Tombstone Pizza, I also think that in general, by letting a frozen pizza thaw, then cooking it at high heat directly on the oven rack is the way to go for the best possible crispy crust…

I usually get Red Baron, but it seems to work with about any brand I have ever tried.

Well that’s debatable, I guess. What they did was make their sauce sweeter and less spicy. To me that’s a downgrade, but I guess the additional sugar works for some.

I actually liked Domino’s before and have always been puzzled by the anti-Domino’s chorus so often seen on this message board. Somehow it became “cool” to hate Domino’s (along with Ben Affleck and Julia Roberts of course). Not just to dislike Domino’s, mind you. No, you must loathe Domino’s.

I am disappointed that Domino’s is blander now. That was always my objection to Pizza Hut. Bland and lifeless.

This is the dope. Where the only fun people to talk to are at Mensa meetings, Applebee’s makes any right thinking person vomit out their entire gastrointestinal system, and Domino’s is The Worst Pizza In The World If One Could Call That Abortion Of Crust, Sauce, And Cheese A Pizza.

Domino’s tastes like chain pizza to me. Not bad, not great but worth it when I’m drunk and craving something greasy and fatty.

To quote myself from the pizza chain poll thread:

I have no pretensions about pizza; I like the other chains just fine. Hell, some weeks, Kroger $0.50 microwave pizzas comprise half my diet…but then, Kroger doesn’t put sand on them. That, I’d have a gripe with.

I never had it before they “new and improved” it. My family tried it recently, and NONE of us liked it. Three out of three people (not picky eaters in the least) thought it tasted terrible. I can’t even remember why, I just remember trying it and being surprise that there are people who actually exist that like it. I remember the cheese tasting like plastic, the crust tasting gross, and the sauce tasting wayyyy too sweet. Ugh, garbage.

I rarely eat upscale pizza. Last time I did (Serious Pie, in Seattle) someone else was buying. And that was a couple of years ago. It’s true I like Thai pizza and BBQ chicken pizza, but I can’t remember the last time I had any. No; for me, it’s chain pizza. And Domino’s definitely is bad. See my dirty dishwater-tasting pepperoni comment.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had Domino’s so maybe, as mentioned by others, they’ve improved. But trust me: I’m not being a pizza snob when I say it was awful.