Domino's Pizza

I never, ever order pizza.

This weekend I’m dog sitting for a friend. I ordered pizza and to say I was disappointed is a complete understatement. Upon completing my on-line order I was asked if I wanted extra cheese for $1.80. Hey that’s not much, sure. Well FFS I’d hate to see what a pizza with a normal amount of cheese is like.

Fucking cardboard shit crap.

Worst. Pizza. Ever.

And never again.

Yeah, of the common delivery pizza chains, Dominos is by far the worst.

If I was forced to eat delivery pizza, my choices would run:

  1. Pizza Hut (I grew up on their pepperoni pizza, so it has nostalgia going for it.)
  2. Papa John’s (Which I will never order again after the CEO and Founder came out against everything decent and proper.)
  3. Anybody else
  4. Dominos. (They say they redid everything, but it still sucks.)

I love Domino’s. I think it’s the best fast food pizza. Tastes like heaven to me, I could eat it every day.

Why is it no surprise that, yet again, you like something that I don’t?*
*Leaffan and I are friends on FB and have this thing going too, sorta, so this comment is mostly a person, injoke type, not a poke at a random poster

I don’t order Domino’s pizza for myself, but I’ll eat it if someone else orders it and offers me a slice.

I agree with Leaffan. I remember I was working on the 4th of July a few years back and I decided I would be a nice guy and buy a couple of pizzas for the people in the office. But we found out most local pizzas were either closed for the holiday or weren’t delivering. Domino’s however would deliver so that’s what we ordered.

Big disappointment. We all agreed we wouldn’t order their pizza a second time.

Personally, I’d rather eat a Little Caesar’s $5 Special than anything from Dominos.

Too bad Costco doesn’t deliver. Their pizza is pretty damn good.

Ha ha! :smiley:

Wait, if I say “fuck you too” do I get a mod warning from you? What’s our conflict of interest rules? :wink:

Life’s too short for crap pizza. The big chains are publicly held companies which means they are on a never ending quest to cut corners wherever they can to make more money for shareholders. Eating pizza made with the cheapest ingredients possible is a waste of my time.

I’ll eat ANYTHING if someone else orders it and offers me a slice, dollop, scoop, bite, chomp, chunk, etc. Free pizza is always good. Paying for a sprinkle of cheese on cardboard (with like 5 other barely existent ingredients) is a joke.

Domino’s probably does better business after last call. At that time of night, does taste really matter?

Dominos is the only delivery pizza for me. I get the thin crispy crust light on cheese and heavy on sauce. Love it. Love that cracker thin crust.

I will never get Papa John’s or … just yuck … Pizza Hut.

Yeah, I like their thin crispy crust.

You have no “location” in your panel, so I don’t know whether you live in NW North Dakota and have NO other options than Domino’s, or in Greenwich Village or Chicago’s Near North Side or in San Francisco, in which case you should KNOW NEVER TO ORDER CHAIN PIZZA.

Do not support chain pizzerias, and some day they will all go out of business and we will all get our pizza from Vinnie and Sonny down at the local independently owned pizza place and our lives will improve immeasurably.

(This has been your semi-regular “Fuck The Man” post from Ukulele Ike, one of your favorite Wobblies. Stay well, and remember to Smash the State.)

Domino’s has been worthless pizza as long as I can recall. And I was refusing to eat it if possible in the late 1970s, so that’s a long recall.

If you happen to live where Marco’s Pizza has a store, give that a try instead. Based in Toledo, Ohio, and really good pizza. Expanding to a lot of areas now; we have them here in South Carolina.

You’ve been here since 1999 and you don’t know how to view a non-member’s location?


I don’t eat their Pizza much anymore but I really like their plain chicken wings. Very juicy and flavorful and not many calories each.

Yeah, seriously. If someone is ashamed of their location, I feel it’s inappropriate to pry.


Yeah. Wow. Do you live at the bottom of a ravine somewhere in Nebraska?

So you’re telling me that somehow the big chain pizza joints do decent business in NYC of all places? I find that hard to believe.

I mean, here in Dallas, I’ll typically order from the mom and pop joint up the street, but sometimes they’re either so slammed that it’ll take 2 hours to get our pizza (and we live less than 1/4 mile away), or they’re not open (Sundays), at which point, we’ll get the chain stuff.

But in NYC, I can’t imagine that there aren’t dozens of local joints that you could order from, who all deliver, and some of which are open at any given time of day or day of the week.