What is the best pizza-delivery chain?

Everyone in CS is always talking about how awful Pizza Hut or Domino’s is, but never about how great any delivered pizza is . . . Maybe there’s some reason delivered pizza can’t be great. But who’s the best of the bunch, IYO?

As a Dominos employee: there.

As a pizza eater, I prefer Papa Johns, with Pizza Hut and Dominos close behind.

I prefer Papa Johns because of their sauce and all the varied dipping sauces they offer.

That vote for Pizza Hut? That’s me.

Does 3 locations count as a chain? If so, I have to go with Pizz’a Chicago, with Premier Pizza as a close runner-up.

Farther afield, I think Pizza Factory is the best in the west.

One for the Hut. They make a respectable corporate pie, but what puts them over the edge is that when I’m in the mood for flavor powerful enough to invert my face (read: when I’m drunk and hungry), a double-extra-sauce cheeseless chicken monostrosity contains enough acidic goodness to jolt my taste buds to life.

Little Caesar’s might have won by virtue of being cheap and eight feet from my house, but mine doesn’t deliver.

Dominos’ efforts to decrease its previously-formidable sucktitude are admirable, but they’re still on the bottom of my list at least until they stop coating the bottoms of their pizzas with sand. Hey, Domino’s overlords — eating sand is like eating sand, in that no one wants to do it, and so you shouldn’t put it on the bottom of your fucking pizzas. True story. (And don’t start in about “cornmeal”. A, if I wanted my pizza to involve corn I’d be eating it in Japan, and B, if it looks like sand, feels like sand, and tastes like sand, it’s sand. Knock it off already.)

There are 2 local chains that are awesome, but for the big guys I’d say Papa John’s. Domino’s has improved considerably but still only have 1 or 2 pizzas I genuinely like, while Pizza Hut has 1. I only order from PH if I’m craving that specific pizza (sort of like going to Taco Bell, not because you want mexican food, but because you want Taco Bell).

Maybe I’ll order pizza tonight. Hm

Given any choice I voted for Papa John’s.

What is possible for me to get delivered, well, Domino’s is the only game in town. Fortunately their new stuff is all decently good and they’re only a couple blocks away. The nearest Papa John’s is just beyond delivery range, Little Caesar’s disappeared from the area at least a decade ago, and Pizza Hut never delivered to this neighborhood.

I flip flop between Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, depending on what I’m in the mood for. I think Pizza Hut tastes better (blasphemy!), but Papa Johns isn’t as greasy (mostly it depends on if I’m in the mood for super greasy pizza, which, let’s face it, sometimes I am).

I also like that Pizza Hut has a wider variety of other stuff to order, though I’m admittedly unlikely to order a lasagna from them any time soon.

Papa Johns wins for the peperoncinis and the dipping sauces though.

Dominos wins whenever it’s provided by somebody else and it’s free to me. Free pizza is like OK sex. I’m not gonna turn it down if it lands in my lap (and now I have this visual of a pizza, sans pan or box, just landing in my lap. SPLAT.)

When I was in tech school, I’d sometimes order a garden salad, hot wings, and cheese sticks. Felt like a real meal (also, salad with ranch dressing goes GREAT with hot wings).

Domino’s, by far, since they changed their recipe. It’s actually good now.

California veggie pizza, thin crust, pls.

I agree with you. I don’t understand the fascination with Papa John’s.

Does Little Caesar’s deliver? I’ve never seen one that did.

Papa John’s is the easy choice here. Good sauce, good cheese, relatively speaking, good toppings. They’re my go to for Friday and Saturday nights.

Another asterisk for the Hut though, the cheese is really greasy, and the sauce is really sweet, but sometimes that’s what I really want… with some extra crispy pepperoni. :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried Domino’s new recipe. For them all I remember is cardboard crust and cold sausage. They’re probably better now, but a distance fourth FWIW.

For me, it’s probably the fact that one of my friends back in the day was the very first employee at the first Papa John’s in the area and we spent a good portion of our early college years hanging out at the shop smoking blunts and eating free pizza and breadsticks.

And the garlic butter. I know it’s just garlic and butter, but I’m convinced the third ingredient is crack.

Of the choices given, Papa John’s gets my vote. I prefer their sauce and the texture of their crust, not too thin and not to thick. But I will admit I’ve not tried Domino’s new recipe. I used to like Pizza Hut, but either their recipe has changed, my tastes have changed, or our closest Pizza Hut’s pizza is terrible. Truly inedible, and I’m not actually a food snob. Even my teenaged boy chose not to finish the pizza!

My local delivery options here in Chicago, of course, are such that I’ve never needed to order from one of the chains. My daughter’s gluten intolerance means that we’ve either got to make her a pizza at home if we order out (which she understandably doesn’t like) or we order from a place that has gluten free pizza. Chicago’s Pizza has a truly wonderful gluten free crust, nearly indistinguishable from regular, so that’s generally where we order from.

Me neither, come think of it. Nor have I ever eaten at one. I just assumed any chain with national TV ads must deliver.

I prefer Pizza Pro, as I’ve stated before, but, of the ones listed, I’d go with Pizza Hut. And I concur that Papa John’s is nothing special, as their pizza just tastes generic, and yet costs more than anywhere else.

I picked other, figuring that there has to be a better chain out there. Locally we have Westshore Pizza, which has at least 40 stores and is vastly superior to any of those listed. Of the listed places, I’d probably at least give Dominos a try since they’ve done the reformulation, but otherwise I can’t recall the last time I bought any of the listed brands.

Mmmmm…Jet’s, hands-down. It’s a chain started in (I believe) Detroit. My boss, who relocated up here from Chicago, drove an hour just to check out Jet’s pizza.

Before Jet’s, we always ordered from Papa John’s. Now that I’ve discovered Jet’s, we’re never ordering from anyone else again.

I voted Papa Johns, my favorite pizza by far. Too bad I’m literally about 30 feet outside their delivery area so I have to go and pick it up.

Round Table, which I think is a California chain. Mountain Mike’s, also in California, is a close second and physically closer to us, so that’s what we get.

None of those on your list even qualify as edible.