Don’t shave your husky!

Or this results:


Crazy! I knew a family who shaved their full coated Lassie style collie every summer. He looked like that for a couple of weeks. But, boy, when that new hair come in it was baby soft

I feel your pain, bro.

heh wish some one would groom our very long hair cat …….its getting matted and clumpy and she gets all hissy when she sees a brush ……

One shouldn’t be shaving double-coated dogs like huskies anyway - it mucks up their temperature regulation as it’ll never grow back quite the same…

That said, tthat is bloody adorable.

Meet Dolores the spectacled bear.

So does ours. Fluffy, matted Zen looking innocent, like it might just be possible to groom him. So… Shaved Zen

LOL! That dog’s head looks like it was Photoshopped on.

Aww that’s so sad.

There’s an autoimmune bird disease that causes them to lose their feathers. Here’s a picture of one.


Soon to be walking south in his dirty underwear!

This is correct. It’s a myth that huskies will somehow be miserable and die in hot weather. Their coats shield them from the sun in the summer and keep them warm in the winter. Dogs can get badly sunburnt if you shave them. They should be groomed and brushed but never shaved. As long as they have access to shade and water in the summer they’ll be fine.

Or laying on the couch, chillin’ in the AC. I hate to have my Yorkie cut too short. Its always a tug of war with the groomer. She tends to be over zealous. I like her long silky hair. I tie it up in hair ties if it’s damp out when we walk. She’s too stupid to care and it eases up the brushing out. Beagle chews the hair off where she can reach, which ain’t far, because she’s obese.

That would make an awesome novelty lamp.

Ours was so badly matted, we took her to the vet and they gave her a lion cut. It’s growing back nicely, and I’m going to do my best to keep it from getting matted again. Unfortunately, she hides most of the day because she doesn’t like my daughter’s dog and that leaves me with very limited brushing opportunities.

I am a dog groomer and I used to have a few customers who wanted their husky or golden shaved for the summer. Any dogs that were getting shaved by the previous owner I kept doing that way but refused to do it for new customers.

“But the dog is panting”, they say, “he must be hot”. Seriously, learn a bit about dogs. If your dog isn’t panting in the summer, then you start to worry.

My very long haired Persian mix cat gets shaved every few months. It I didn’t have it done, she will shed enough fur for to make coats for 3 other cats.

It might well have been Photoshopped. I’m skeptical about the legitimacy of the photo.

“Come on baby, don’t shave the husky
Baby take my hand, don’t shave the husky
We’ll be able to fly, don’t shave the husky
Baby I’m your man”

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