I just saw a shaved cat outside my window

It was slinking against the neighbor’s house. Our houses are just ten feet apart, so the cat was really close.

It’s unusual to see a shaved cat, but it wasn’t 100% shaved. The fur was long at the end of the tail, the four paws, and the face. It looked like a poodle that’s been groomed like that, except no fur around the mid section.

Poor cat…it was moving like it knew exactly how ridiculous it looked.

You saw a shaved p…ah, never mind.

I’ve heard people do that to pets in the summer thinking it helps the animal cope with heat. Well cats and dogs have been getting along with fur and heat for thousands of years and they do pretty good.

Perhaps this cat had a really bad case of lice or fleas

I’ve considered shaving my cat’s butt before due to dingleberries, but the whole thing?? That’s just going too far. Poor kitty. :frowning:

Tiny escaped lion?

Ah, the Lion Cut. I had to do many of those back when I worked at the vet hospital. It was usually on old or infirm cats who couldn’t groom themselves any more and got mats all over if left alone. Often the owners were older and unable to brush them consistently. We had one poor cat who was so matted she looked like she had a turtle shell on her back. Once shaved she was a much happier kitty.

I keep threatening to shave my long-haired cat just to see how it looks.

This is probably going to sound weird, but I was actually just talking to a friend about why her cat had a lion cut today. She didn’t explicitly mention the cat having trouble grooming himself, but she did say that he was an old cat, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this were a factor. She also said that the reason they leave the ‘mane’ part on is because it is very dangerous to shave that close to the cat’s face. This is probably true for the paws as well. No idea about the tail other than that if you’re already ridiculous you might as well go all the way.

Might have been just an unfortunate Neet incident.

I wonder if it ran away from home after it’s haircut? Usually the haircut is more for indoor cats.

I just had to read the thread after reading the title. :smiley:

Um, wow. Ok. I concur that the poor thing was probably “groomed” to deal with heat/shedding/fleas and is now “slinking” around because it is terribly ashamed and doesn’t want anyone, much less say its kitty friends, to see it in such a pathetic state! :o Cats are very self aware…ever seen one fall 2 stories then pick itself up and start grooming/acting as if nothing had happened/I MEANT to do that? I have.

One more comment; can you imagine SHAVING a cat? Unless they knocked it out, likely the culprits are sporting their own scars. :wink: My granny used to use an old saying, referencing bathing a cat, “it took all hands and the cook”. Yep. Serves 'em right. Who shaves a cat? Seriously. :smack:

About 15-20 years ago, we used to get our cat with medium length hair shaved on an annual basis. She was an inside/outside kitty, and she WOULD pick up fleas and ticks. She wasn’t actually shaved to the skin, but she did get a very close cut, except for her paws, face, and tip of the tail. For the first couple of days after her summer buzz, she’d act like she was ashamed of her looks (she was a very vain kitty), but after that, she was delighted with the freedom of a short cut. She was very subject to flea bite dermatitis, and we had a choice (according to the vet) of clipping her close at the start of summer, or letting her be miserable for a couple of months, and having to get her clipped and treated anyway. So we just figured it was part of having a cat with medium long hair (she didn’t have the length or fullness of coat that a Persian would have, but she wasn’t a shorthair, either).

Fluffy rather enjoyed her summer haircuts, after a few days, and I still think that we made the right choice for her. She would get horrible oozing patches from flea bites if we didn’t get that coat clipped pretty short, and apparently those patches itched something fierce. So don’t be so quick to think that this is cruel to a cat that’s had this done.

Nowadays, we keep our cats inside. And all three have short coats.

Maybe you did not see a shaved cat. One time I saw on that looked shaved and the owner informed me that it was a xxxx model cat that doesn’t fur to shave.

My SO had an indoor cat that was basically living furniture. It was a long haired cat. When the hair was cut short it became alive and actually ran around doing cat things all day long.

And our old shitzhu dog is the same way. Short hair, all spunky and fun. Let the hair grow out just a bit and he sleeps 24/7.

It might be a style thing. It might be a way to deal with heat or health issues. Or it might just be a way to breathe some life into a nearly lifeless cat.

I’ve shaved one once, because of fleas. It was as difficult as you might imagine.

Sometimes cats with long hair can’t keep up with their grooming and become matted and then a shaving might be necessary. Also, if a cat over grooms itself, it can get fur balls, in which case it might be safer to give the cat less hair to ingest by having it shaved.

I used to have a long hair cat who would have problems with his butt getting, uh, plugged up and I would have to keep an eye on that, so to speak. Other than that area, and an occasional mat on some other part of his body which could be taken care of with scissors, he never had a big enough problem that I had to have him shaved.

I’m sure that a cat, after the initial shock of being shaved, feels much better afterward. It’s got to feel better than dragging a bunch of mats (or fleas or whatever) around. The cat the OP saw is probably lucky (although embarrassed) that it has an owner who cares enough to have it shaved.

It’s an omen: hide your daughters and potatos. Turkish galleys are on their way

Pics or it didn’t happen!

Also it’s completely adorable.

Have any Brazilians moved into your neighbourhood lately?

My friend gives her cat a lion cut frequently. The cat is a little off to begin with and simply refuses to groom many areas of her body. The owner keeps up by brushing as much as possible, but certain areas always tend to mat. She has a mobile groomer who comes to the house and does it in the driveway in her van. The cat does seem to be in better spirits once the majority of the hair is gone.