I just saw a shaved cat outside my window

My long haired cat tells me it’s time for another sanitary clip. She’s dragging her butt on the tile floor and leaving skidmarks. I have one long haired cat and she hates being brushed, the short hairs love it but the one that needs it most runs away if she sees the brush. I did the lion cut on her once when she got way too matty, but usually I just shave around her butt because I can manage it without anesthesia.

We’ve had to have this done to a few rescued cats at the shelter where I volunteer as well. I thought I’d have to have this done to the long-haired guy that I rescued several years ago, but he was young and tame enough to submit to bathing, and the bath dematted a lot of what I thought was never going to come out.

I used to work at a vet clinic with a grooming shop. It is typically done for older cats or indoor/outdoor kitties. We did have one client with a gorgeous flame-point Persian that had horrible issues with hairballs, so he came in every 8 weeks for a shave down. He was fantastically good-natured, and would just sit on the table without complaint.

During one summer vacation (back in high school), my friend Tony got his hands on a hair trimmer and caught & shaved every cat in his neighborhood.

Has anyone noticed the truly beautiful poster/thread combo going on here?

I can imagine. We did it last weekend. It’s hotter’n’hell around here, and our older (and very long-haired) cat is starting to have some plumbing issues. Whaddya mean, who shaves a cat? Someone who doesn’t want a walking ball of shit hopping up onto the couch, that’s who. We did it ourselves, on the couch, no anesthesia, just an old pair of clippers.

:smack: back atcha.

Granted, we have a particularly tolerant cat, but still … depending on the individual in question, it’s not necessarily a violent process. YMMV

That would be a Sphynxcat. They’re not actually hairless–they have very fine hair that feels like peach fuzz. But they look pretty naked. (ETA: As in, “they look fairly naked,” not “they look attractive naked.”) :slight_smile:

Not really my cup of tea catwise, but some folks like them. They really shouldn’t be outside, though.

My cousin and his wife do that with their cat in the summer time to keep the poor thing cool. She’s a Himalayan, and she sheds like crazy as well. It’s just easier to do with.