I have to shave my cats butt. eek.

I have a maine coon mix with medium length hair.

She is a bit standoffish and not at all cuddly ( except to me about once a week or so.)

Last night she stood on my chest as I was reading then turned around and I saw matted nastiness back there. It wasn’t there the last time she did this " I have a beautiful ass" routine.
How does one go about shaving a cat’s ass, especially one that is quite squirrely to begin with?

Good luck with that.

Uh, maybe slip her a mickey.

Seriously, I would find a professional to do it. They’ll have better equipment for restraining the critter and stuff. I work at a dog grooming shop, and I’m quite sure we don’t do cats, but there are cat people out there. I wouldn’t want to shave a cat’s butt either!

Get it done by a professional, if you’re willing to spend the money. The $50 or so might be worth it if you want to keep your face.

We have a Maine Coon, and he gets very matted if we don’t brush him regularly, but he’s a cuddly guy, so it’s not an issue. His fur is so thick that we do get him groomed professionally every now & then anyway. It helps with the shedding.

I do know that before we got him, when he came to the shelter, he was so matted the gave him the “lion cut” - leaving only his head & a bit of his tail fuzzy.

We’ve had to do this many times – Midnight (also Maine Coon) has a paralyzed and insensate tail, and has gotten stuff caught in there.

We usually use scissors. We have an electric trimmer, as well.

If it’s really bad, you can wash your cat first, then use scissors (Our scissors are cat scissors, bought at a pet store). Midnight’s used to the washing, although she hates it. Washing a cat that’s NOT used to it can be traumatic for both of you, but they do get used to it. we used to have to roll Clarence (Our other Maine Coon) up in a towel to keep him from clawing us to deatyh.

I was hoping not to pay money, butt, I think this just might be an emergency situation.

Another vote for getting a pro to do it, if just to avoid having your cat pissed off at you for who knows how long.

If you must do it yourself, the best method I know is the towel method. Get a large towel (or two) and cocoon the cat so it can’t move, leaving only the head and whatever bodypart you need access to sticking out. You’d better wrap that thing SNUG, though, because if she gets loose, you won’t be seeing her for a while.

It’s going to be hard to wrap a cat and leave the backend sticking out, but can be done if you’re quick enough.

If it makes you feel better, the first time I undertook shaving my long haired cat I was prepared for a fight. It turned out he loves being clipped (until I get near his belly). He rolls around and sort of requests that I get this side or that.
We had him done by a professional the first time, but after that $80 expenditure I figured I could do it myself. I’ve got a $20 pet clipper set - it’s very quiet, the cat doesn’t mind it at all.
Good luck!

Sounds like dopefest material.

You might want to talk to your vet if your cat is hard to handle; some groomers won’t touch a cat that is going to touch them back. Vets have the clippers necessary for shaving - they do it for surgeries - and they also have the lovely, lovely sedatives that enable them to do it reasonably quickly and with a minimum of loss of life or limb. Just tell them you need a “sanitary clip”.

If you do it yourself it’ll help to have two people. One should be a medic.

Really, one person can hold the cat in the towel and the other can assist and do the shaving. You’ll need to get a real good grip on the cat cause once she springs free there’s no going back. My experience has been, if you break the cat’s will by bathing her first you should experience less of a fight during the trimming stage.

We have to do this once in a while. Trudy is very friendly and affectionate, but very protective of her anus (sounds like a Lifetime movie title, but true…) I have to squash her under my upper chest and just do some quick snips with scissors, then wipe with a tissue or kitty wipe.


One word: Epilady

We need to get our cat shaved too, but it’s more than just her butt. She looks terrible right now… for the first time in 5 years, she’s gotten all matted up, and we just haven’t book an appointment to get it done. I’ll have to call to tomorrow. Probably a lion cut… she’s going to look awful!

Can’t we just get the cat some chemotherapy? It’d be a helluva lot easier…

this is a joke, by the way.

No kidding. Imagine the midway at the Cecil County Fair??

  • Dunk The Zotti

  • Face Painting by Slug

  • Deep Fried Dough ( c’mon. everyone likes deep fried dough. )

  • Shave The Cat’s Ass

  • Arm-Wrestle Lynn Bodoni

All kindsa fun. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Surely U jest?

Cats love Nair. It’s a documented fact.

Fill a shallow pan with Nair, dip the cat in fanny first. Rinse and repeat.

When you’re done, will you teach it to walk backwards?

It’s easy to make a cat walk backwards. Just put a sock over its head.


I saw this in a joke article about cat costumes. One was “The Backwards-Walking Elephant” – you just put a sock over the cat’s head. Anyone wgo owns a cat will get this. I showed it to Pepper Mill. she laughed and said “Oh, that’s cruel. Don’t ever do that to our cats. But call me if you do.”