Don’t waste that perfectly good fetus!

The thread on 3rd term abortions got me thinking. You could potentially be pulling out a 3-7 pound non-person fetus of meat.

Any pro choice folks have an issue with me trying some fresh, tender, recently aborted fetus?

We could help feed the poor. Or open hip niche butcheries in gentrified areas in cities.

So, may I eat your fetus? Please?

If not, why not?

Being pro choice, i would think it would be, you know, the mothers choice…

And what about amputated limbs? Or removed organs?

Personally I would have issues but if you find a legal way I’m not going to try and stop you other than through (possibly) legislation. Like with the odd amputated fingers or arms or whatever, replaced organs, and the like my preference would be to see it dealt with more along those lines.

And at least to me pro-choice doesn’t mean anything goes; YMMV and what those limits will vary by individual. I’m not much interested in the placenta either but …

That is something different.

THAT is cannibalism (which I am totally down to try but that’s for another thread).

Aborted fetus is just a bunch of cells. Not a human/person.

So, killing the fetus is ok but eating it is not? That seems odd.

How dare you try to take my right to eating fetuses away through legislation!

Well I’m convinced. Well played, OP.

Only the Irish ones.

Gross. I never want to think about eating human flesh.

Due to misreading thread title thought thread going to be about Greek cheese.

Would like to register disappointment.

This is very dicey territory indeed. You say human flesh, but it’s not. It’s just a bundle of cells. There was never anything human about it!

Please don’t needlessly complicate this.

I don’t think this discussion is in good faith.

Friends of mine with a stillborn ( two months early) baby, got the body to have a funeral. it gave them much needed closure.
The Netherlands has recently made it possible to register any lost third trimester fetus as a person, with a date of birth and death. Not just for emotional reasons; also for insurance purposes.

You’ll never crave feta again after you’ve gone fetus my friend. Brine the brain and bam fetus feta.

Baka, thank goodness you’ve joined our message board, it’s refreshing to have such a useful take on one of the more contentious issues of our time.

Why would you have a funeral for a bundle of cells that was never a person?

I just love tender meat bro.

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Carry on.

Excellent username/topic combo. FYI, Baka is Japanese for idiot.

Yay. We’ve moved to the BBQ pit. All we need now are your freshly aborted fetuses and baby rays sauce

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