Don’t waste that perfectly good fetus!

What about the question. It is valid and I would actually eat an aborted fetus. Since you are up on your Japanese don’t you think it mottainai ro
Just throw them away?

I invite you to visit the nearest hospital and ask them for discarded human body parts (fetuses, amputated limbs, etc.) for your consumption.

Not according to what I’m reading here.

No. Go find your own.

I’m very thankful, because here I can say that you’re now on my ignore list.

I don’t engage with idiots.

I don’t think that’s going to work, as feta is traditionally made with sheep’s milk (or a combination of sheep and goat’s milk).

Not wishing to be rude, but I find your knowledge of the cheese-making process to be somewhat underwhelming.

In most cases, surgical leavings are owned by the clinic that excised them, until they are disposed of as medical waste, or unless the patient asks for it. If, say, I want my gallbladder as a memento of my gallbladder surgery, they will give it to me. No, you can’t have it because I’m making it into a paperweight. Same with a fetus.

If it isn’t transferred to me, then it’s the property of the hospital. No, you can’t have it, because they aren’t allowed to give away surgical leavings to non-patients.

Once it’s disposed as surgical waste and becomes common medical waste, then you don’t need anyone’s permission to take it and eat it (I guess). You have my blessing to trespass onto a medical waste disposal facility and eat the biohazard garbage to your heart’s content.

Please commence as soon as possible and let us know how that goes.

Human cells. They had human DNA. Nobody’s arguing that.

The debate’s over personhood, not species.

This is a pretty simple distinction. I hope you can handle it.

Wait, is trolling OK in the Pit? :confused:

I ask because this strikes me as much more blatant trolling than the post asahi got his now-rescinded warning for. If trolling is allowed in the Pit, then that doesn’t matter. But if it isn’t, then shouldn’t this thread be closed?

Yeah? What was the tip-off?

Hey OP, you might want to consider educating yourself before spouting off on an issue you clearly seem to know little about. Just a thought.

The OP may also find this article educational.

Why are you asking others for their fetuses? Make, abort and consume your own. Or at least ask someone local to you for theirs. Most of us are thousands of miles from you. The shipping cost is going to make prime Kobe beef or bluefin tuna look like a bargain.

I don’t really care what type of abortion it is. I only used 3rd term because there would be more meat.

This is a thought (I know, I know im not capable!) experiment.

I want to know if there is any moral imperative that tells me I should not be allowed to eat an aborted fetus.

I’ve already adopted two potential aborted fetuses and I don’t intend to eat them!

Well, there you go. Until this moment I never knew there was such a thing as a curd knife. Ignorance fought.

See how that works, OP?

If you’re only standard for morality of food is personhood then I’ve got some delicious puppies to sell you. 100% guaranteed not to be people and more meat than a fetus. You interested?


I live in Asia. Sure I’ll eat your puppies! Ever had dog stew in Korea? How about stir fried in China?

No. Next question.

While we’re waiting, a little mood music for the thread. You’re welcome!

I have a quality friend in Arizona who is having an abortion and we have several hungry here. How much would a finest Phoenix fetus feed us?