Donald Trump doesn't need to be in *every* thread, does he?

I’m starting this thread reluctantly because I know I’m going to be attacked because of it and I really hate confrontation, online or in real life, but its affecting my enjoyment of the SD and I’m sure also other peoples.

Yes you don’t like Donald Trump, we get it, I don’t like him either, but does he have to put in an appearance in so many threads? Even those with basically no connection in any sense to politics somehow have to have him shoe-horned in there usually with a ‘clever’ comment or reference.

Personally I’m tired of opening an interesting looking thread and it being once again side-tracked by references and remarks about Trump, for me at least it breaks ‘suspension of disbelief’ for want of a better phrase. I come to the SD at least partially to get away from politics and to come across politically references again and again in so many threads and discussions is jarring at best, a complete thread kill at worst.

I recall someone giving the advice ‘don’t let other people live inside your head’, meaning don’t keep thinking and obsessing about people who have wronged you, because you can be certain they aren’t thinking about you.

Well the SD is obsessed with Donald Trump, and its a lot less fun and pleasant place to be as a result.

This also describes America and the planet Earth as well, IMO. I’m sick of him too. But when he’s hurting so many people and institutions, it’s not surprising that he’s part of so many conversations.

There is always the game threads and CS? Also I don’t believe he’s popped up in the Market Place yet. :wink:

And is THIS thread really necessary? I had happily forgotten about Trump until the OP reminded me.

He’s just really that bad. It needs to be hammered on until he’s gone.

There’s General Questions. No political commentary allowed there.

Now that you mention it, I have been meaning to offload that copy of Trump: The Board Game that I got as a gag present several years ago…

Sadly, that game isn’t too bad. Played and had quite a bit of fun with it. Though seeing his face or name on just about everything in/on that box is was nauseating even back in the 90s. We got it as a goof at Big Lots. It was $5 marked down from $50.

It is a real obsession bordering on a disorder to be so fixated where one needs to post compulsively about him. You’d think after a few years the novelty would’ve worn off.

The “novelty” won’t wear off until at least January 20, 2021 and probably not for some years thereafter.

Beats youtube, eg, where you cannot watch a single retro cartoon without someone bringing up Hillary Clinton, CNN and SJWs in the comments.

Trump invented the internet so he gets to be in all the threads if he wishes.

This is easy to say if Trump’s policies aren’t directly harming you or those you care about. But if they are, then it’s kind of hard to not be thinking about him quite a bit.

Wish OPs would be allowed to have threads titled: “Trump-free” and the mods would clamp down on anyone who tries to derail such a thread by putting Trump content. Problem is, you couldn’t look at such a thread title without immediately thinking Trump.

I just hit "New Posts.

Here are the five threads above this one:

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And here are the five threads after this one:

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As far as I can tell, that’s zero out of ten that are about Trump.

I made a relevant post about Trump in that one. :wink:

And amazingly, it wasn’t a negative comment.

I had a real cool weekend. Met with an old friend I've know for 30 years. Best buds.

She happens to live in Central City Colorado.  And this was going on. - [Hot Rod Hill Climb](

Cool classic cars from Model T's to Ford roadsters. Beers, pizza and poker afterword's. (It's a gambling town, lost $10, but beers were free).

Doesn't get much better than that.

(don't quite know how to talk about something that someone doesn't want to talk about.  So...)

It’s easy to say if one has any sense of socialization. You really think it’s normal or evidence of proper mental health to shoehorn Trump into every conversation? It can’t be. Trump is literally living in a sizable portion of the population’s brains rent free.

Sure think about Trump all you like but if you order an ice cream cone his name probably shouldn’t be part of that conversation.

That said… I do understand that we live in nutty times but the problem isn’t Trump. He’s only a symptom and fixating on the symptom is counterproductive.

I was surprised to see this thread title because there is no Trump in most of the threads I read.