Donald Trump has been nominated fora Nobel Peace Prize.

Of course all this means is that one of the thousands of people who can submit a nomination did so and nominated Trump. I’m confident that he stands 0 chance of winning.

M guess for the nominator – Gary Busey.

I wonder if there is a list available of who can offer nominations?

Yeah there’s a list.

[INDENT]Qualified Nominators

According to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, a nomination is considered valid if it is submitted by a person who falls within one of the following categories:
Members of national assemblies and governments of states
• Members of international courts
• University rectors; professors of social sciences … [/INDENT] Emphasis added and list greatly abbreviated. I’m guessing Senator Sessions from Alabama did this. At any rate it will remain secret for -get this- 50 years.

I would guess Trump through a qualified proxy.

Hell, if Kissinger can win that damned thing, who couldn’t?

It was probably Ted Cruz.

Right – associating Trump with the concept of “peace” is a fiendishly clever strategy in a Republican primary campaign. Better than an LGBT rights award.

Obama has won one. It can’t be that difficult.

There’s a joke here somewhere. “Obama, Arafat and Trump walk into a Nobel awards ceremony…”

Why? Obama has done a lot of difficult stuff.

Per Chomsky:


Which is, possibly, the only thing Chomsky has ever said that is close to the truth.


So, apparently a very, very slow news day. Couldn’t CNN at least find a new cat video on YouTube? The real headline should be “Somewhere among the ranks of US Congress critters there is at least one lunatic”. But wait, “professors of social sciences”, you say? The other possibility would actually be news, albeit of a very minor sort: “Obscure professor of social sciences receives large grant from undisclosed source for no particular reason”.

That’s understandable - it would be rather difficult to argue Trump was a force for peace if he got someone punched just by being nominated.

It looks like there are probably tens of thousands of people who can make nominations. I’m sure there’s one person who likes to troll the committee in that bunch.

Hey, does any Doper happen to be a Qualified Nominator? We could have some hoo-boy fun with this.

You snipped, among others, “professors of theology”. Yeah, that’s gonna weed out the loonies!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Obama supporter, but he basically won the Nobel for not being George Bush.

As I’ve said before, Obama’s Nobel was actually an award given to the American people just for rejecting the Pubs, and we deserved it just for that.

I got a mental image of him shaving and thinking “I get the Nobel Prize at the one time in my life when it couldn’t be bigger pain in the butt! Ain’t that a bitch!”