George W. Bush Did Not Win the Nobel Peace Prize

Instead, it went to an Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi - for her advocacy of human rights for women and children.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention…

Why is this in the Pit?

Also, I’d like to make it clear that I did not win the Nobel Peace Prize either. Maybe next year. Unfortunately, Athletics closer Keith Foulke did not win, nor did jailed mobster Jon Gotti, nor did Billy Joel.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco, unfortunately, did not win the Nobel Peace Prize either, which adds insult to injury, as he is still dead.


If it’s any consolation, Zuma, I voted for you.

I am shocked, shocked, that GWB didn’t win this time round.

Next year, maybe?

That’s not much of a rant, is it?

GWB increased the demand for lots and lots of trinitrotoluene, though, so I imagine that is somewhat pleasing to the shade of Alfred Nobel.

It has not yet been confirmed that MEBuckner has not won the Nobel Peace Prize. We’ll see what happens

Bush was nominated.

…Then again, so were 164 other people, including Tony Blair. Anybody can get nominated. The fact that he was nominated doesn’t mean he ever had a chance.

I had no idea. :eek:

so, The pope didn’t win? Un-fucking-believable

Just because, here’s a list of Nobel Peace Prize winners.

And why is this in the pit, again?

Maybe it’s because I have two posts (well, now three) and am not sure exactly where this post belongs and so I chose to be safe. Forgive the inexcusable action. How shall I make up for this transgression?


The Pit’s generally for stuff that really, really pisses you off, cmason. No harm done, just a little confusing.

What’s un-fucking-believable about that?

:smack: :slight_smile:

He hasn’t won the Literature prize, either.

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And you might have gotten a better welcome wagon.

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Much to my surprise, I find myself wondering if GeeDubyah is capable of irony after all.