Donald Trump [what will it take to force him to resign?]

What will it take for the American people to force this man to resign from office?

Do you mean, what would he have to do to make his base stop supporting him, or what actions the common folk could take to oust him?

Get out the vote.

There is no mechanism for the American people to force a President to resign.

Impeachment is technically possible, but it won’t happen unless a majority of Republican voters supported it - otherwise Republicans in Congress will have no incentive to vote to impeach.

Even after everything that’s happened in the past 2 years, Trump has a ~87% approval rating among Republicans. It would take a major change in public opinion for that to drop down below 50%.

Nothing. Trump is too stubborn to resign, or even listen to the members of his staff who are experts (many are not). Internal criticism just pushes his back against a wall, causing him to reflexively lash out, or even do the opposite to “prove” that they can’t “force” him to do something he doesn’t want to do. There’s no face-saving way for him to step down, either, unless he declares that he’s too old or “done enough” before the next primary season.

Most likely he will need to be defeated in an election, and that might not be easy. I hope the Democratic contest is not a coronation, so the best person wins, and this person has to prove they can win by surviving attacks on their character, overcome mistakes in their campaign (nobody is perfect), utilizing tactics appropriately, demonstrating an ability to get out the vote, and appealing to moderates, not just liberals.

The exact same thing happened in Toronto with our equivalent leader, Rob Ford (aka the Crack Smoking Mayor). We heard allegations of racism, sexual harassment, poor work ethic and (relatively mild) corruption. He was revealed as a crack smoker and went to rehab (where he didn’t even try; apparently other people at the facility would sell their stories to newspapers). His leadership was so bad that his support plummeted.

His support rose to about 33% during the election, but he was always in second place. He would have lost, but then he announced he had cancer and died not too long afterward. Putting his health reasons aside, he would have run until he was humiliated in that election. The same thing (other than the health issue) will likely happen to Trump, except I can’t imagine him only getting 33% support.

God, we’re at what? 10 cabinet or near-cabinet positions turning over in less than two years?

State - Tillerson to Pompeo
Treasury - Mnuchin
Defense - Mattis to ???
AG - Sessions to Whitaker to Barr
Interior - Zinke to ???
Agriculture - Purdue
Commerce - Ross
Labor - Puzder to Acosta
HHS - Price to Azar
HUD - Carson
Transportation - Chao
Energy - Perry
Ed - DeVos
VA - Shulkin to Jackson to Wilkie
DHS - Kelly to Nielsen
USTR - Lighthizer
DNI - Coats
UN - Haley to Nauert
OMB - Mulvaney
CIA - Pompeo to Haspel
EPA - Pruitt to Wheeler
SBA - McMahon

God awmighty, that’s something.

It gets even worse if you think about the cabinet secretaries who have not resigned. Carson and Perry are so incompetent, just imagining them there seems like a satire from The Onion. DeVos seeks to deliberately damage public schools for the benefit of her criminal friends in the fraudulent private school business.

It’s a travesty that Wilbur Ross is not already on his way to prison. He’s been using the inside info of Dept. of Commerce to short stocks for personal gain, etc.

Steven Mnuchin has been labeled by some as the most corrupt member of Trump’s cabinetthat’s a tough bar to hurdle.

And don’t forget Jared Kushner who despite his busy schedule as Middle East peace czar, manager of opioid crisis, government reform czar, American Innovation czar, Criminal justice reformer, and special envoy to Mexico, China, Saudi, and the Muslim community, has still managed to take enough time off to raise half a Billion Dollars for his private real estate business. What smart multi-tasking! Remembering to hit up Arab magnates for a personal loan while discussing top matters of state with them.

He’ll never resign. 2020, the nation will have to remove him OR he’ll have to not run for re-election.

He has a couple “Trumpish” excuses for not running again. (I still firmly believe his ending up President was totally a mistake; he was just doing publicity).

  1. Claim they “made America great” and encourage everyone to vote Pence to keep things great.
  2. Complain that the whole system is so unfair, he never had a fair shot.

I think he can’t help himself and will run again. I think he’ll lose even worse than the first time. In fact, he really should avoid running to avoid the situation. I just don’t think he has “not running” in him. He loves the campaigning.

You’re a little short.

Heh, you forgot Brett McGurk (after Mattis).

He only hire the BEST people…

The common folk and his base are the same group of people.

What a crock of shit. His base is a subhuman subset of the common folk.

Merry Christmas!

… or as Trump-owned businesses and hotels would say, “Happy Holidays!”

Trump’s ‘Merry Christmas’ pledge fails to manifest at his own businesses

Yes–that’s probably the biggest bullshit claim that Trump tries to make. Most common folk are not moron-suckers or white nationalists.

Resign? Impossible. Resigning implies he did something wrong and he will never do that for any reason. I also see a second term run almost as an inevitability, even if, or especially if, he is impeached in the house (not gonna happen in the Senate, nope). Best you you can do is vote and hope enough people in the right key areas vote the way you did.

270 electoral college votes in 2020.

Not to mention, those “losses” are coming from a reduced population, as he has failed to fill a great many positions! :smack:

Maybe a blow job from Putin? Then he’ll brag about it. “And he said it doesn’t look like a mushroom!”

(They’ll send a lookalike in for Putin, but the Yam will be fooled.)

His historically low poll numbers were probably somewhat boosted by the perception that the Trump economy was strong.

The markets today are basically saying that they’re starting to lose faith in Trump to do anything right. The markets should be eating up unemployment at 50 year lows and wage increases; instead they’re wondering what this moron will do next.

I’ve consistently said that presidents don’t get impeached or otherwise forced to resign just for high crimes and misdemeanors alone; they’re forced from power when the country’s in a bad mood. Pretty soon, the country’s gonna be a really, really bad mood.