The Trump Resignation Pool

When will Trump resign? Put me down for June 1, 2018. I figure we have him for about another year.

Not gonna happen.

Do I think he’ll resign rather than get forcibly removed from office? I think the earth just shifted on its axis, but I’m agreeing with Okra. I don’t see him resigning.

All of your family’s flights and security to anywhere in the world, especially Florida, is paid for. You repeatedly announce you never pay taxes. Those who do are paying for these things. Resign? Never.

Also, the double scoop of ice cream (again free) at every dinner. No child would ever give that up.

Trump will serve until noon on Inauguration Day 2021.

No clue who will be sworn in that day though.

Trump for a second term.

Barring death or removal from office through conviction by the Senate, I believe Trump will serve a full four year term.

Nov 3, 2017. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will visit the White House, get a piece of pie with one scoop of ice cream to Donald’s two, and tell him that the jig is up. He goes on Twitter to announce that since he has accomplished more in less than a year than all other presidents combined, that he’s going to retire in glory to oversee the carving of his face on Mt Rushmore. And on the way out the door, he pardons himself.

Only way he resigns is if enough of the general population bring the country to a standstill AND all of the Republican leadership AND the military AND Ivanka tell him he has to. Not likely.

He’ll leave with his shield or on it.

All he really needs to do is stop being a psycho whack job for a few weeks. Also unlikely. More likely he blows up like Krakatoa, but as long as public nudity isn’t involved, he’ll survive. You need 67 Senators to get rid of him.

Sounds about right, except it won’t be pie; it will be more of the best chocolate cake ever created in the history of the world.

'Twere best done quickly. Before the next campaign season, certainly.

As far as I’m aware, Donald Trump has never ever admitted that he made a mistake of any kind. So no, no resignation, no matter what.

Besides, he’s making an INSANE amount of money for himself by accepting bribes disguised as real estate deals, while he’s in office. That will dry up if he bails.

It’s just hard to say what will happen at this point. But could Trump resign? Yeah, absolutely.

I could see Trump resigning, but if he does, he will resign on his terms and he will probably try to scorch the earth behind him. He could claim that he’s a victim of a deep state/far left/MSM conspiracy, that it’s pointless to stay in office, and he’s resigning for the good of the country. Remember how he was bracing himself for defeat back in November, right? “The system’s rigged!” That’s how he will spin it if he gets pushed out or if he decides this shit isn’t worth it anymore.

Will it happen? Less than 50% chance at this point but increasingly likely and if he starts shutting down the investigation then those chances probably become substantially higher. It would probably paralyze any republican agenda and put their House majority in jeopardy. The Senate, fearing for their own future and knowing they’ve got Mike Pence as a back-up, might start getting tough with Trump. Senators care less about Trump’s nutty base than House reps do.

Nope, President Tangletongue doesn’t strike me as the resignin’ type. He’s in until the end of his term, until he somehow gets tossed out on his ear, or he suffers the massive cardiac event he seems to be flirting with, whichever comes first.

I could throw out a date (let’s say April of 2018?) but it would be a wild guess. Anyone who thinks they can predict what’s going to happen is deluding themselves – any correct prediction would just be random luck at this point.

This presidency, and American politics at the moment, are inherently chaotic and unpredictable. Who knows what will happen.

I suspect that the resignation will follow a revelation that Thrump (in the relatively near future) ordered some military action and that State and Defense had decided beforehand to belay the order pending a review by the cabinet, 25th amendment fashion.

Firing his private counsel will also be a sign that the end is in sight.

Watch Malaria. If she doesn’t set up, or implement some sort of legacy for herself program soon, she doesn’t expect to be there much longer.

Smoke…watch for smoke from the WH incinerator.

Spicer. If he suddenly bursts out sobbing at his afternoon get together with the press…well, it will be another sign.

The Presidential Plane…if it returns to Washington without Thrump, something is up.

If the Chief Justice’s limo is setting outside the VP’s residence at 6 a.m…

If Rachel Maddow starts giggling at 9 pm EDT, and doesn’t stop for 55 minutes…

But, more likely, a car screeching out of the WH basement garage at 3 a.m., headed for the nearest emergency room.

So when you say “pool,” is your meaning closer to:

(a) all participants will contribute something of real-world value and those whose predictions are closest to the actual event will win that real-world value, or

(b) we’ll all just trade predictions with zero real-world consequences for being wrong and zero real-world reward for being right?

This is also my prediction.

What I can imagine happening is Trump being involuntarily removed from office (whether by impeachment or via the 25th amendment), and then declaring afterwards on Twitter that nuh-uh, he wasn’t kicked out, they can’t do that, he resigned, and it was totally his idea, and the greatest resignation ever.

Although I liked BobLibDem’s post for its humor value, I’m inclined to agree with iiandyiii.

I spent a large chunk of the Republican primary season thinking he was juuuuust about to call it quits. Then I predicted he would get skunked in the general. Then I predicted Clinton would eke out a narrow victory.

I don’t know shit.

But since cynicism has yet to fail me, I predict he won’t reign or be removed. In 2020, the Democrats still won’t have figured out how to present a plausible case to the great numbers of disaffected rural and working class voters who are still getting fucked over, and Trump will win again.