Hello nice folks.

Recently, I re-formatted my HD and lost all my old web site bookmarks.

Not long ago, I remember reading a thread here with lots of cool links, fun stuff, html help sites, and other favorite web sites of the dopers.

My search for this thread came up empty, so I was hoping to add some more favorites to my folder, with the help of the SDMB.

Shaina(sp?) had posted some web builders sites that were very helpful and I was hoping to find those again.

Someone had posted the “Dialectizer” page, which was also quite fun, but has since been lost from my PC.

Any interesting, fun, or useful sites are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I have all my favorites on my other computer, still need to connect the two machines…

Anyhow, someone in chat (I forget who I think it was vogue) sent me to this site

Lots of fun stuff and I think you will find the dialectizer in the links page.

OH, then you can head on over to and download the Frog Blender, pure enjoyment.

::raising hand:: Did somebody ask for bookmarks??

Here are some that will get you started:

For general Web page development, HTML stuff, basic Perl, and so on and so forth: The Web Developer’s Virtual Library

For obscure phrases dissected, and word derivations: The Word Detective

If you want to know about Linux but don’t have a clue about it: The Linux Newbie site

And, of course, NO bookmarks file is complete without the wonderful Snopes site, for the next time somebody asks you if you’ve heard about the Urban Legend Du Jour.

Happy surfing… :wink:

A cubicle is just a padded cell without a door.

My favorite HTML
On being nosy
For the chess fans

Be prepared. Keep kitty litter in the trunk.

I have lots of good links on my home page.

Here’s some for you: (Brunching Shuttlecocks) (The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Immortalization) (Total Obscurity) (Church of the Holy Spork) (Prolefeed)

The Portal of Evil (not to be confused with the site of evil)

You will buy the ukulele, and touch every place.

Here’s a couple:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

All right. How about some newspapers? Here’s a page that’ll take you to hundred’s of daily U.S. newspapers.

Good Stuff, in no particular order:

Your Quadell

Unclebeer, that is a great web site! By chance, do you have one for international newspapers?

Pardon me while I burst into flames.

Pardon me while I burst into flames.

Hey, you can’t forget JerkWaterJive! :smiley:


Thanks everyone.

Great stuff !

Shirley, I didn’t have a site with links to foreign publications, but I do now, and so does everyone else. Here it is!
If you fool around with it a little bit you can get it to display the publications English only. There is one other limitation, that I found to be a bit annoying; all media sources are lumped together, that is radio, television and print all show up on the same page of links. I guess you can’t have everthing for free though. Happy reading.

Everything you every wanted to know about everything

Your favorite and mine Calvin and Hobbes

The Darwin Awards

Less Common Latin Phrases

Excellent word and phrase site:

like old wax cylinder recordings?:

military history links:

world war one:

want fake WWII ID papers?:

weird and disturbing movies on video?:

want to go on a nationwide crime spree?:

need some twisted haiku? Odes to Spam (the lunch meat, not emails): Try the Dada server, or Guess the Dictator!

A ARAB SELL GYM I LINK? (like anagrams, Billy?):

Launcher may train without warning.

Here’s a good site:
It has obituaries on famous and semi-famous people who have died, pictures of them and sometimes links for more information, and it also features “stoopid deaths.”

UncleBeer, YOU are da Man! I was able to go to my friend in the UK’s hometown newspaper websight. Way Cool!