Donated Glasses

I’m going to get Lasik later this year and I seem to recall that there are charities that want your used glasses. What do they do with them? I can’t imagine that there are a lot of people out there with the precise optical measurements that I have so . . . Do they regrind the existing lenses? Do the they just reuse the frames? Anybody have a good idea on who to send them to?

You’re thinking about the Lions Club; and, yes, they still want your old eyeglasses.

They do exactly what you thought they did – clean them, fix them, and divide them up by prescription, then hand them out. It’s where I got my first pair.

It used to be that you could turn your glasses in to any LensCrafter outlet for the Lions charity, but you might want to call and check.

I remember most of my opto’s offices having donation boxes right in the waiting room.

Cool :cool: I have about eight old pairs, and some were quite expenseive and cool back in the day. And I just thought that the Lion’s sold those mints by the cash register. :smiley:

Our local library has a donation box where we put ours.

Oh, and – and good on you for donating, Si Amigo. As a little chatelaine, I’d have suffered a lot longer if not for good folks like you. The person/people who get your glasses will be very grateful. I know I was. :cool:

Obligatory Lion’s Club link from a Lion’s Club member. [/shameless plug]