What to do with unused contact lenses?

My SO had Lasik and no longer needs contacts. He has 4 pairs (4 left, 4 right) of Acuvue contacts that don’t expire until 2006. I thought about putting them on eBay, but they don’t allow anything that requires a prescription to be sold. Can I donate them (and to who?)? Or should I just toss them? Not a big problem, but I feel so wasteful throwing stuff that is perfectly good away.

Those are the “wear 'em for X days and throw them away” kind, right? I’d think that the likelihood of finding someone who uses that kind AND has your SO’s prescription would be pretty small. For the time you invested in finding someone to give them to, you could make a hefty cash donation to charity in the amount of what your time is worth – and that would be a lot more helpful. (I can’t see a needy person either using that kind of lenses [glasses are cheaper] or going through the hassle of “learning” to wear them for four wearings.)

I’d throw them away with no guilt whatsoever. Or recycle them in an art project. Or give them to some ant friends who want a solarium.

I’ll take 'em if they’re -1.75 and -1.50. Which they most likely are not.

After my LASIK, I had one and-a-half boxes each of my Accuvues left.

I just tossed them. But I whined about it- $75 I could have spent on sum’n else.