Donating Office Supplies

Thanks to a downsizing and subsequent sublease of unused office space, we are overrun with office supplies.

We have tape dispensers (most with tape!), scissors, staplers, push pins, paper clips, desk trays and such that we don’t have the room to store.

Anyway, I thought that donating it would be the best course. So does anyone know of any organizations, schools, etc. in the Chicago area (preferably, but I’ll take suggestions for other places) that could use the supplies? I might even be willing to throw in some legal sized paper or ball point pens as an incentive! :smiley:

Thanks for your help

I’m sure any school would take that stuff, and I’m positive the Red Cross (or any other similar group) would love the stuff.

Domestic violence shelter? Call the United Way in your area, they’ll probably send someone out to get the stuff. Really, almost any charity you could name would be happy to get some free supplies. I run a charitable organization and I am always happy to scrounge a few free ballpoints.

Somehow the Oil-For-Food Program never supplied Iraq with much of anything.