¿Dónde puedo ver a unos chicos guapos?

So tell me, where’s the Gay Village in your town? In Montreal it’s Sainte Catherine Street between Amherst and Papineau streets (metros Beaudry - recently refitted with rainbow decorative elements - and Papineau.)

Oak lawn and cedar springs. outside downtown dallas.

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In DC it is mostly known as Dupont Circle, but large parts of Mt. Vernon, Adam’s Morgan, and Capital Hill are gay. There are no specifically gay neighborhoods in San Antonio. Baltimore has Charles Village and Mt. Vernon (a different one, obviously).


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In Columbia, SC, it’s Elmwood. That’s where both of them live.

In Chicago, its a section commonly refered to as Boystown. Its just south of Wrigley, and someone who lives in the area could probably give some very precise borders. A nice clean area, and the rent is lower than the near surrounding blocks. All in all a really good area. Not freaky or anything like that for the most part, except a couple of blocks along Belmont.


As you might already know: in Amsterdam, it’s anywhere you like :slight_smile:


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Omniscient is right about Chicago, go to Boystown, it’s by Belmont and Broadway. Belmont is 3200 N. Can’t remembember exacly where Broadway is, but it’s around Halsted (800 W).

As it happens, it’s primarily where I live: Lakewood, Ohio, just west of downtown Cleveland. Lots and lost of rainbow flags, gay bars, drag bars, etc. And it’s right in the midst of this great, family-oriented community and very well accepted. There’s also a largish gay population on the East Side of Cleveland, in Cleveland Heights.

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In Columbus, it’s the area directly south of OSU’s campus, called the Short North. Ten years ago, it was infested with crackheads and hookers. Now, although it’s not perfect, the gay community has embraced it, turned it into an art district with some AMAZING private galleries, restored a bunch of Victorian-era homes, and basically made it into a place that people want to go to. There’s also a decent-sized gay community in German Village, but it’s nothing like the Short North.

Surprisingly, Columbus is a pretty gay-friendly town. Most people wouldn’t think that about Cowtown, Ohio, but it’s true.

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My exes gay brother lives in German Village IIRC. He lives there with his lover of 30 some odd years.


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Makes sense. German Village is a somewhat older and more established community, whereas the Short North is somewhat more of a younger, yuppie gay community.

I don’t think The Triangle has a gay epicenter, per se, but we’re talking an area that doesn’t have any kind of epicenter per se, since Raleigh and Durham and like 30+ minutes from each other (with Chapel Hill roughly in between).

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The Montrose area is the main place I know of around Houston that is a “Gay village”.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Don’t really have one in my town, at least not that I know of. Closest place I could send you is Provincetown (end of the Cape). I always thought it was ironic that there’s a large phallus (the Pilgrim Monument) sticking up from the center of town…


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I don’t really know were Santa Barbara’s gay section is. If there is one, even. Its a smaller town.
Down in LA, West Hollywood is the place to be.
And, then San Francisco, The Castro would be the hub of everything.

Ok, here is a bad joke. But, I made it up myself. Well, maybe not a joke, just something I noticed when I lived in DC. That plays off of a gay stereotype. Dupont Circle is named after Rear Admiral Dupont.


OH, on a side note, a lot of gay neighborhoods pop up around various Q streets. I noticed this since I used to do a lot of travelling.


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Both the Uptown and Downtown areas of Minneapolis…believe it or not.

Los Angeles County, California:

West Hollywood.

But you already knew that, because pricciar mentioned it and because everyone knows that.

Orange County, California:

Laguna Beach.

Be aware that there have been several gay beatings in Laguna Beach in the past few years.

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Silverlake is also another gay community in the Los Angeles area. West Hollywood - everyone knows about, you are right.

Atlanta has a very large population of gays and lebians (Sqrlcub - there is also a population of large gays, I’m sure!). If I had to list particular areas I would say Little Five Points and Ansley Park.

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