Donesbury Palin/TS3 - exceptionally nasty?

trudeau is doing a riff on Toy Story 3 featuring the Sarah Palin doll. In today’s strip, the doll is encouraging the other toys to kill the little girl who owns them.

I REALLY dislike SP, but this impressed me as over-the-top. What do you think?

Anything that humiliates/embarrasses/annoys Palin is good with me.

Wow - I guess I’m a more sensitive flower than silenus! I’ve got THAT going for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a link to the strips?

What’s wrong with the strip? Do you think Sarah Palin is sitting somewhere, weeping at teh mean man? … That cunt shoots baby animals from a helicopter. ANYTHING negative about that cunt is A-OK with me.

It’s not a real high standard to beat, just so you know. :smiley:

The strip in question. (not an absolute link. adjustment of date needed if you arrive to this thread tomorrow.)

That is a little - cold.

I don’t find it offensive, but it lacks teh funny.

After having read it (and yesterday’s strip), I see the whole thing as a satire on irrational Obama hatred and teabagger hysteria. Sarah Palin is being used emblematically, but the strip is really a satire on the kind of paranoid fantasy land that she and others of her ilk live in. Yesterday’s strip says it’s a parallel universe. It’s all satirical allegory. The little girl is Obama, and the Palin toy just symbolizes teabaggers in general.

Err… what?

That’s a heck of a cunt.

The problem I have is that Doll Palin has a point. In a real world wear toys are sentient beings it wouldn’t be hard to make the case that extreme action is warranted to escape enslavement to the whims of children.

While I love Toy Story, as a real world concept the automatic worshipful solicitude of toys to the children they are given too is creepy.

It’s the teeth. They make it possible to hold the rifle steady.

In today’s strip Mr. Potato head is told to choke the daughter with the small parts he is made of.

Not funny, and it will probably enrage the offenderati out there who watch out for kids.

Ah yes, those same offenderati who make Craig Ferguson’s cartooners return the kitten to the screen after it’s carried off by an eagle so they know the kitten is alright. (This is the What Did We Learn On The Show Tonight, Craig? kitten.)

It’s…not really any different from what she and Bachmann have been calling for regarding the current administration all this time. I don’t see how it’s any more offensive than what’s been said in reality.

I don’t hang on every word those 2 hateful, waste-of-space attention whores utter, but I would have thought I would have heard if they had urged their supporters to kill certain people. :confused:

This being a board that leans much more to the left than most of the country, I doubt you’ll hear too many people complaining about it. Me, I am very conservative/a bit libertarian and, although frankly I don’t think much of Sarah Palin—I think she’s a stuffed bra the same way that Obama is an empty suit, people with very little real world experience who don’t belong in the same breath as the presidency—I DO think it is amusing the way she’s become Satan Incarnate to the leftists. I almost like her for that alone. But I still don’t want her running for president on the Republican ticket, because 1) we’d lose and 2)if we won, it might actually be worse than losing.

Palin/Bachmann 2012

“Come on - it would be hilarious!”

** Looks up in left corner and checks date **

Dang, my time machine needs a little work.

I’ll work on it and try again, say, tomorrow…