Don't Ask Any Questions In Kalamazoo! [off-duty cop wishes he could carry a gun in Calgary]

Are we sure that it wasn’t just Dread Pirate Jimbo or trupa scaring the tourists again?

Mildly. Shit happens everywhere, and it’s certainly not unwise to be prepared for it.

Once you’ve spent a few years as a cop you learn things the average person doesn’t know, and you see things the average thing person doesn’t. It’s not superiority, merely training and experience.

A cop with 20 years of experience knows damn good and well the difference between a good natured question from a local and a couple of thugs sizing him up and waiting for the right time to strike. I know you all like to think cops are stupid high school dropouts, but we’re not.

Part of my response to another thread…

I was leaving a Home Depot a while back. I had parked about 20 spaces out from the store, and there were other cars parked around me. As I began to load my purchases into the back, I noticed two men get out of their truck - several spaces closer to the store - and start coming towards me. They split up with one coming to flank me and one approaching me directly asking me where I got a certain cleaning product that was now in my hand.

Since I was finished loading, I had just grabbed my holstered revolver in order to place it in the truck. I don’t generally wear a gun while driving. I raised the gun in its holster and used it to point and gesticulate while answering his question. I never pointed it at him - just the front door, and motioned that the 3rd aisle on the right was where he would find the cleaning supplies. He nodded almost imperceptibly to his partner who stopped and returned to their truck. He thanked me for the information, got in his truck and left.

No, a crazy guy waving a gun didn’t scare him away in fear for his safety, preventing him from purchasing some much-needed orange-scented floor cleaner.
Rather, his intended robbery or carjacking victim gently let him know that this was not going to be an easy score, and he just remembered he hates being shot.
These are very common tactics for criminals to employ. I recognized them.
Likewise, Officer Wawra recognized that 2 predators were sniffing him out, and his experience and his response and demeanor told them that this encounter may not work out in their favor.


Can I guarantee the intentions of my 2 thugs? No, but their behavior backs up my position. Can Wawra prove that his two chuckleheads were about to bust his head open with a Molsen Golden bottle? No, but I certainly wouldn’t dismiss his 20 years of experience and judgement just because you don’t like guns.

Had he had a gun, would he have shot them? Only if they attacked him.

I don’t know where some people get the idea that all gun owners want to shoot someone, or we pull guns out if someone is rude to us. I can’t think of a bigger nightmare than shooting someone in another country, even if I were still a cop.

You can’t measure my dismay and disappointment in people who think a cop walking around with a gun is an affront to society and common decency. Yes, I understand he’s in a different country, but we have enough anti-gun sentiment here to go around.

I’ve carried a gun daily for almost 30 years. Off duty, I’ve had to pull it about 8 times. Each time I did, a life was saved without ever firing a shot.

Paranoid? I can live with that.:cool:

Yeah well, there’s not really a reason to be paranoid in Canada. Do shootings happen? Yeah. Is it a regular occurrence? No.

He was paranoid because he was an American citizen in Canada. The culture is similar, but different. I would have stopped and talked to these guys and got my free Stampede tickets and shook their hand.

Calgary ain’t Kalamazoo. Crime is low. People don’t carry guns.

ETA: When a gun-related murder happens in Canada, all of Canada hears about it. The whole national media reports it. A guy is shot in Calgary? We know about it the next day in Ottawa. That’s how rare it is.

I’m on the fence on whether or not it’s real.

On one hand it’s just too stupid to be real.

On the other… if it was faked, I would expect just a few little things here and there. I’d have expected someone inspired by the Treyvon Martin thing to only think of having ONE person accost the Kop from Kalamazoo; two people just seems like too irrelevant and truthful a detail. It just doesn’t smell quite fake enough, if you know what I mean.

Oh, and I did not mean to cast aspersions on AMERICANS, of course. I am casting aspersions on Kalamazoo, a place most Michigan residents will tell you is a hellhole.

I… got a gal
In Kalamazoo.
I don’t mean to boast,
But I know she’s the toast
Of Kalamazoo.


Ducati, I have just one question for you.

Have you been to the Stampede yet?

Dude, do you have some sort of death wish?!? :eek:

Sorry, but to me it seems paranoid. The odds are so remote that I’d ever need to use it that it’s just not worth the expense or effort. There are many more likely dangers that I don’t carry around preparations for, so why a gun?

One example. I’m a 50+ male. I’m pretty sure that I’m more likely to have a heart attack than need to defend myself with a gun, but I don’t carry around a portable defibrillator.

I don’t get why people think that it’s necessary to be prepared for this one unlikely event above other more likely events.

Sure, I understand why police always carry them, it’s part of their job. They may have to apprehend someone if they witness a crime.

But your average Joe? Nope. I Don’t see it. I don’t feel the least bit threatened walking around in public and I don’t get why others do.

Whether or not you should have the right to is a different conversation, but I don’t understand why most people would feel the need.

All gun owners? No. This gun owner? Sure, and we have his own words to get that idea.

ducati, did you miss the part where they were giving out free tickets to the Stampede?

You drew your gun on someone for asking what aisle the cleaning products were in? (Yes, you did; don’t even try to quibble), and the only reason you can think of that they got in the truck & drove away is that you foiled their nefarious plans?

Not, maybe, that they wanted to get away from the crazy guy with the gun?

I am not even going to start on how difficult such behavior makes things for responsible gun-owner.

Ducati, your experience and attitude regarding gun use is utterly unsuited and inapplicable to Canada. We have rather strict laws to keep people like you from endangering us.


opinion followup

If I may be so rude as to post seriously for a minute, I would like to say that opinion piece is a load of provincial bull-puckey. Not all Americans have the mindset of Mr. Wawra. One cop, whom I will grant has unfortunately probably actually seen too much gun violence, makes the mistake of getting a little scared over an incident with some strangers, and suddenly that makes all Americans gun-maniacs who would ‘shoot people over a parking dispute.’ Well this is fucking news to me! After tsk-tsking us troglodytic Americans a bit more, would you believe she then goes on to compare this non-incident to an actual gun tragedy as an attempt to further her own anti-gun agenda? Confusticate it all! God, she couldn’t paint with a bigger tar brush of illogical spite if she bought them whole-sale from Harpies R Us.

She ends with the following gem: “As an American who is also a Canadian citizen, all I can say is, thank God I live in Canada,” to which all I can reply is, the feeling is mutual, bitch.

Are all Americans gun nuts? Of course not. Is the USA as a nation a gun nut culture? Of course.

Self-satisfied hand-wringing is kind of Naomi Lakritz’s bit.

Walt Wawra was a cop with twenty years of experience. And that experience told Walt Wawra that these two thugs were preparing to strike. Unfortunately, Walt Wawra was not allowed to carry a fire-arm. So Walt Wawra and his wife are now dead.

No…wait a second…that’s not what happened. Because it turns out his life wasn’t being threatened after all. Walt Wawra and his wife went home to Kalamazoo and he wrote a letter of complaint to a Calgary paper. If I were Walt Wawra I’d be writing, “I thank the Lord Jesus Christ I did not have a weapon of some sort, because I might now have the deaths of two innocent men on my conscience.”

Experience only counts if you learn things from it. Otherwise, the only thing experience does is turn young idiots into old idiots.

The guy should shoot his parents, for naming him Walt Wawra.

In fact I did. Came in while I was typing. Makes all the difference in the world, and I’ll be the first to admit it.

Now, to quibble. It’s my post, and I’ll quibble if I want to.
I was actually holding the frame of a holstered revolver, pointing with the butt. It was done intentionally, but that’s far different than “drawing a gun”. The two got out of their truck and started towards me, away from the store to strike up their “conversation”. You ever do that? Me neither.

I know there are people that disagree with civilians carrying concealed weapons. I’ll never understand that anymore than you’ll understand me.

I can live with that.

And Autolycus: Stay off my lawn! :smiley:

I remember once in a mall bathroom noticing a guy acting …odd, kinda staring.

He asked me if I “hang out in the sky” :confused: What? “do you like to hang out in the sky?”…:confused:Er what? Are you asking if I use drugs?

A while later while on a busy street here he is again, making some stupid comment and chit chat while walking next to me. I’m wondering just WTF is this guys deal, and duck into a crowded mall. I go along with some banal chit chat, like him telling me he is a doctor um ok dude. I’m mildly curious at this point, then he asks why I wear a ring and I said because I am married and he asks you have a wife and then he broke off.

:smack: Someone else when I mentioned this crazy guy said The Sky is a local gay bar.

If you shoot everyone who asks you a strange question…well you’ll need a lot of bullets.

Apparently, a Michigan off-duty police officer was feeling unsafe without his gun when he was accosted by people inviting him to a local tourist event.

His letter to the editors of the local newspaper.

I live about four blocks away from that park - while I have never been accosted by someone inviting me to a local tourist event (it has been pretty much confirmed that the accosters were giving out tickets to the Stampede), should I buy a gun to feel safe?