Don't Ask Any Questions In Kalamazoo! [off-duty cop wishes he could carry a gun in Calgary]

A member pf the local law enforcement community seems to think asking someone if they’ve seen a local attraction justifies… well, shooting them.

this guy barely escaped with his life. luckily he had snowballs and icicles that he could defend himself with. your country is nothing but wild cowboys and polar bears.

It’s very hard to believe this is for real, but if it is, this guy is one of history’s great Ugly Americans.

Don’t Ask Any Questions in Kalamazoo…wasn’t that a Dr. Seuss book?

Holy cow. Next time I go to the Air Zoo, I’ll keep my mouth very shut.

WTF is “the stampede”, ay?

My days would be so much poorer without people doing stupid things in public.

Huge rodeo, and Calgary’s biggest annual party.

IIRC the worlds largest rodeo

Good Lord, no wonder the guy wanted nothing to do with it.

They have cowboys in Canada? Yippie Kie Yae, Ay?

Yippie Kie Yay, eh

Eh, er, Ah, thank you.
Ignorance fought!

Who would want to shoot a Canadian? What kind of challenge is that? It would be like hunting in a petting zoo.

It’s not terribly likely that they were touristing in Calgary during Stampede week without being there for the Stampede to begin with.

I hope Canadians realize that we’re not all like this man. Depressingly many are, but not all of us.

How paranoid do you have to be to want to carry a gun with you everywhere?

Good thing they didn’t ask the fellow if he had a gal.

Serious answer: a friend who is a Canada Customs Border Services Agency officer has told me that a lot of American police officers try to bing their service handguns into Canada. Good thing that the fellow from Kalamazoo didn’t.

Yeah, this is sort of news here in Calgary. Apparently a few folks ran in to those two guys in Nose Hill and they were handing out free tickets as some sort of promotion. That’s why they were asking him if he’d been to the Stampede yet.

Yeah, it pretty much doubles our population for ten days every year.

Some cities require off duty cops to carry a firearm. I suppose it becomes a habit.