Don't Bump This Thread!

First Saturday bump!

A Saturday afternoon bump.

A Saturday evening bump.

Saturday Bump Fever?

An Easter Eve bump.

Well, you can tell by the way I bump in my walk
I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk
Music loud and women warm, I’ve been bumped around
Since I was born…

The bump in my day, today, was my engine light coming on. Fortunately, I was just leaving my son’s house and with a quick U-turn and some coordinating, my van, my son, and I arrived at my daughter-in-law’s brother’s place.

He’s a whiz mechanic and has his own plug-in diagnostic machine. Turns out I needed a new gas cap (aka fuel cap). Modern cars have a system that vacuums up vapors that would otherwise be emissions and sends them into the cylinders to be burned. When that system shows a leak, the engine light comes on.

You can do a diagnostic smoke test to see where the leak is, but that’s over $100 and it’s usually a leak at the gas cap. The gas cap is usually less than $15. If you replace the gas cap and the engine light doesn’t come back on, you don’t have to diagnose where the leak is. Also, no matter where the leak is, it doesn’t affect engine performance or safety.

This is why I always buy the kind of cars that my daughter-in-law’s brother likes to work on.

Did anybody see the Easter bumpy bunny this morning?

No bunny, no eggs. Lumpia from the farmer’s market.


Nothing special here. No bunny, no eggs.

Bump anyway.

No bunny, no eggs, not a Peep out of anyone. Just a meow.


I’d like a meow. No new animals until I retire though.

End of day bump.

My cat was just meowing at me.


Ours still asleep in bed.


Mine are both asleep right now. So this will not be a loud bump.

Once again, she’s still in bed.


She’s a cat. It’s her job.


Our cats are afraid of the mice.


My cat proved to be an excellent mouser, the one and only time she ever saw one. And without front paws.


A bump for no real reason.