Don't Bump This Thread!

That should have read “without front claws”


You should always pause before you add a clause. Bump.

An almost-midnight bump.

A just after midnight bump.

Probably different midnights. I’m on the west coast.

Mountain time zone here.


We’re all up to late - bump.

A late-morning bump.

A late afternoon bump.

A bump in the night.

I’m watching the Masters golf tournament. Golf balls are bumping all around the course.

Two naps in a day is too many, right?


My father claimed he would just nap more and more until the day came that he would never wake up. Almost did it, too. He lived to be 94.


My cat has been napping more than usual over the last couple of days. She doesn’t seem to be her normal self. I think I’ll call the vet on Monday.


Good luck with that, Spoons.

My cat and I nap so much, it’s rare that we’re both awake at the same time.


Thanks, Panache. She’s been a little more active over the last few hours, getting a drink of water, and hauling herself up onto the recliner (one of her favourite napping spots), when she has spent all day napping on the floor. That’s encouraging, but I will definitely call the vet on Monday.


Breaking news: left my chewing gum on the bedpost overnight. Lost its flavour. Bump.

Blue Jays in a rain delay again. Might as well …


A cooler, rainier week ahead.


Eye exam today. Bump.

Just another day. And another bump.