Bump This Thread!

I could not help noticing how lousy many of you are at directions… Tell you not to bump a thread and it somehow persists years later.

Bump this thread! (Unless you are too passive aggressive and think you’re rebellious by only bumping threads where it is clearly being discouraged.)

Ha! I knew two threads sharing the same dumb idea was too much.

I just didn’t want to be first.


Naah, these are just replies. A real bump would be months later. A zombie would be years.

I’ll set my alarm…

Well, I refuse to bump this thread.

Oh, wait …

Moved to Thread Games.

I’m 'way too busy right now to bump this thread. Sorry.

I forget who first said it: “Tell someone that there are 50 gazillion stars in the sky, and they’ll believe you. But if the sign says “WET PAINT” they have to touch it to be sure.”

Hey Thread.

How YOU doin’?

How about we go back to my place?

I’ll do a bump.

I have a little more time today, so I will too.

Too busy right now. Maybe this weekend.

Well, you know–

Oh hell. There’s the phone. Back later.

Tempus bumpit.

Ooo, Latin (sort of)!

Ex turpi causa non oritur bumpio.

(“No bump can arise from an illegal act.”)

Illegitimi non totembump carborundorum?

E pluribus bumpum

Ad bumpum astra.

Quod erat bump