Don't Bump This Thread!

Because I mentioned diabetes with the new eye company, I got a medical eye checkup and not a vision checkup. Good to know that there’s no retinopathy. Not so fun to know I’m showing mild cataracts. Also not so fun to have to get a separate appointment for the vision checkup.

So I got an eye appointment bump.

I got my cat to the vet today. The vet wants to do a few tests, but the cat is otherwise fine, just old.

A good news bump.

Fingers (or claws) crossed.


That’s the best kind of good news.


A wee hours bump.

A “I’ve got a Zoom meeting in an hour, and I’m really starting to hate Zoom meetings” bump.

Maybe I can bump while the cat’s away.

Maybe I can do something else while the cat’s bumping.

The cat joined me on a Zoom meeting earlier. The other attendees loved it.


OP said “Just let it die.” Is it dead yet?


Doesn’t seem to be.


There have been times, though, that it needed life support.


:notes: Yes there were times, several times
I was sure we had been defeated
As our Hopes became depleted through the years… :notes:

Fun song. Bump.

A where-did-the-week-go bump.

A what-the-hell-happened-to-spring? bump.

Lake Effect coming!

Beautiful spring day here.


Lucky you!


The garden may just be one tomato plant this year. But it hasn’t died yet.


We got snow today. It won’t last long, but it is snow.

Grump bump.

I’m going to assume that’s not a great thing and sympathize. I will pat you on the shoulder - - bump, bump, bump.