Don't bury me, make jewellery out of me.

A company called LifeGem are apparently cremating the remains of those who have passed, capturing the carbon, and creating a man-made diamond with this carbon, over a period of a few weeks.

I’m assuming that this website is legit. If not, I’ve been wooshed :slight_smile:

Either way, what do the Dopers think of this concept ? Would you personally be interested in having this done to your remains after death ? Would you be interested in having it done to your loved one ?

DMark beat you too it, Goo. There was a thread started on this yesterday. Darn, these forums move quick!

Assuming it’s lefit, I think it’s a pretty cool concept, BTW.

Gah. Legit

Very cool concept. If I’m reading the price list correctly, the minimum price is $6000. Depending on their cost to cremate, the price is comparable to a conservative funeral these days. I’m gonna keep an eye on this one.

I think the price is in addition to regular funeral and cremation expenses.

In any case, I think I’ll pass. It might be more refined to turn Grandma into a diamond necklace rather than a bone necklace, but you would still be wearing her remains as jewelry.

It’s a little too Addams-family for me. :smiley:

Thanks Narrad. I swear I did a search before posting, because I couldn’t believe I’d be the only one to find this. As usual, I wasn’t :wink:

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