Don't buy a computer without a real manual.

In December I bought a Lenovo laptop because it came highly recommended. Three months later I still have no idea what the blue symbols on many of the keys (especially the function keys) mean. I can find nothing in the online “help” screens that say a word about it. I was just on the phone with a very pleasant help technician who hadn’t the slightest idea what they mean or how to find out. There are also a couple slots on the outside I can’t figure out. If there is an online downloadable manual, I have been unable to find it.

Bottom line: make sure whoever sells you a computer provides a manual.

If you want to post some pics somewhere I am sure we can make up meanings for them–some of them might even be right.

Good luck finding one that comes with a manual. I haven’t seen PCs come with manuals for a few years now.

However most manufacturers (of computers, electronics, appliances, etc) do put PDF versions of the manuals on their websites. So I’ve made a point of collecting as many of these as possible (for the things in my apartment) in a folder on my computer.

If the OP tells us which model computer he owns, I’ll bet that we can find the PDF version of the manual on the Lenovo website.

Are you sure there is not a PDF manual on your hard drive somewhere? (I don’t think any computers come with printed manuals anymore.)

What is the make/model number of your lenovo laptop? Alternatively, where did you buy it and can you link the webpage?

Almost no PC has a printed full manual these days but many have short form "user guides’. I have several Lenovo’s and they all have extensive PDF manuals and come with printed user guides which have the key definitions. What is your model #?

Go here

I have searched high and low on the Lenovo web site. The guy I spoke to (who had obviously worked very hard to lose an Indian accent and was anxious to help) could not point me to a manual. But if anyone can, more power to you. The model number is T510 (I think T is for Thinkpad) and the product ID (which is what the guy I spoke to mainly wanted to know) is 4313CTO. There is also a serial number, but I think he wanted that only for his records.

There was also no manual for Win-7, but MS will be happy to sell you one. I bought a third party manual, but have been to busy to look very hard. It claims to tell you how to customize it.

I went there. I chose Notebook and then looked through the model numbers. No Thinkpad at all was listed. I have searched high and low on their support pages and there are no useful manuals. One was full of technical specs and the others were mainly regulatory statements. Nothing on the actual hardware.

Link to PDF called ThinkPad T510, T510i, and W5 Hardware Maintenance Manual

The setup poster (PDF, obviously) explains the various function keys.

Bingo! Boy TSD is good!

Actually, the first two times I clicked on the URL, all I got was a black screen. I tried it a third time and got it. I have now downloaded it for future reference and printed the 8 relevant pages. Thanks, thanks, thanks to Guanolad.

Now why did this setup poster look totally unfamiliar? Thanks.

I can’t tell if you are joking or not, but if you are saying this didn’t come with your laptop, then I am surprised. I understand not including a manual, but I’ve never seen a computer not come with those quick start posters.

Crap link.

Go to the main site ( ), click on the Support link and select Thinkpads. Enter the product number (4313CTO) in Quick path and Bob’s your uncle.