Don't Buy Gas in New Mexico!

Western Refining messed up big time. Apparently, there was a mix-up at one of their refineries, and at least 20 gas stations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe were pumping diesel fuel from their unleaded tanks. At $500 bucks a pop to fix, minimum, well, let’s just say it’s not pretty.

Story here:

Does this mean every bozo in NM who has a dicky motor in their vehicle will be pouring some diesel in, and fronting up to claim?

I don’t know what a dicky motor is, but since they’re just getting reimbursed for repairs after they’re made to the car, I don’t see any win. Either they’re breaking their car just to fix it for free, or if “dicky” is slang for diesel, they aren’t really breaking it and can’t get it fixed and reimbursed. Which wouldn’t be all that awesome anyway. Kind of like taking a hammer to my windshield just because Minnesota has a zero deductible law for auto glass.

Naah, “dicky” is slang for “not quite right”, but nevermind - on a reread of the link I see they are asking for receipts or using surveillance footage if customers paid cash. Re the windshield analogy - it’s not uncommon here to collude with your repairer after a collision to have your car actually in better shape than it was before the smash, with the extras being tacked onto the insurance company’s bill. I assume that’s a problem in the States too, and that was the sort of thing I was getting at.

Oh, goody, another excuse to raise gas prices!

That was pretty much my first thought. It’s not like the company is just going to take the five to six hundred dollar loss per car; it’s going to be passed on to the customer.

That is sad indeed. Hope it never happens here.

Hang on…is that true?? I have a crack in my windshield and my insurance company told me I had to pay my $500 deductible to have it replaced. I would be really happy if it turns out that I don’t have to pay that. (I am in MN, if you can’t tell).