Don't chew gum when you are up front

Have you seen the video of Sarah Palin where a woman on the stage behind her is chomping away on gum? I’ll be she’s happy now. I don’t remember what Sarah is talking about, but it is being shown repeatedly. That woman behind her looks ridiculous.

So do the people who come up front at church to have their baby baptized. Their video will forever show the mom’s or dad’s or maybe the godparents’ jaws just a-working’ away at that cud of gum.


I remember a guy who was chomping bubble gum as he was appearing in his own promotion ceremony. I never met the guy, but when I see him in the hall five years later I still remember him as the doof who was chewing away while getting his new rank taped on. (Air Force).

I just plain stopped chewing gum a couple years ago. I finally realized that it doesn’t matter what setting anyone is in, everyone who chews gum looks stupid. I made the conclusion that it also made me look equally stupid, so I stopped. Mints work just fine, and I never have to worry about when to spit out the gum.

I don’t remember the guest celebrity, but I caught an episode of the Rosie O’Donnell show once where the youngish celebrity came out and was conversing with Rosie for about a minute before Rosie said, “So is that gum good?” The celebrity was mortified and said, “Oh jeez. My mom’s going to kill me!”

I always hope for the speaker to stop and say we’ll wait for the gum chewer to get done. It’s so annoying to hear the smacking and see their mouth keep coming open. Most of them can’t resist popping the gum either. You might as well stick a kid with chocolate smeared all over their hands and face next to the gum chewer.

People chew gum in church? They ought to be slapped for that to begin with, regardless of whether they’re on video or not.

Exactly what I came in here to say.

Not to threadshit or anything, but… it’s just gum, people.

Exactly. It’s not as if it is life-sustaining or anything, so when it’s not appropriate to be smacking your gums like some masticating bovine, don’t.

I hate it, too, but I have one good thing to say about it.

There’s an old attorney working here who comes from the lampshade-wearing and racist- and sexist-joke era. He has been lectured repeatedly by HR to knock it off, but he usually falls back into his old ways, and gets away with it because he’s filthy rich. He senses that I despise him, so he redoubles his efforts at getting a rise out of me with his dumbass tired old jokes. Luckily, he chews gum constantly, and breathes noisily through his open, chomping mouth as he walks along the hallway. Because of this, I can always hear him coming and I disappear before he reaches my area.

I hate it, too. My SIL was addicted (so she said) to Wrigley’s sugarless bubble gum. God, she looked like a cow… She solved that problem via prayer and is now addicted to prayer totems (no idea what to call the nick-nacks one can get with praying hands on them etc). Such is progress.
Gum chewing in public is just nasty. I am so glad none of my kids took to it (my MIL still chews gum). The worst, though, is when people chew gum on the phone. It makes me homicidal. I do not want to hear your saliva production or swallowing of same.

Thank you! It’s a little disconcerting to see this many people taking offense over some stranger in a video doing something utterly harmless, and slagging the poor broad’s looks and manners and intelligence because of it, as if she’d just spit Copenhagen juice in the collection plate or something.

Like Mr. Rugger said, you lot – it’s chewing gum. A simple thing in which many people find some innocent pleasure. Maybe you were raised to see public consumption of Chiclets or Doublemint as a breach of manners that merits public scolding or worse, but lots of other people weren’t – and anyway, this ain’t Miss Caudey’s fourth-grade class, and you ain’t her even if it was, so loosen the drawstrings on your buttholes and let a grown-up woman mind her own manners and mouth

Hmm - I chew gum in church …

Until the point I get up to lead the music. It keeps my vocal cords lubricated, my nasal passages clear and breath nice (Menthol Airwaves FTW). I wouldn’t try to sing while chewing - I’d launch something into the middle of the congregation with a swelling chorus.

It drives my wife crazy, but it is cheaper and better for me than using decongestant drugs all the time.


At the GOP convention, when her family came up on stage, Palin’s future son-in-law was chomping gum with vigor.

For me, it’s not the issue that they’re chewing gum, but that most of the people I’ve encountered who were chewing gum were smacking their gum, popping it, making bubbles, or some other loud, obnoxious gum-related behavior. Almost every single one of them also couldn’t chew their gum with their mouth closed. I don’t need to hear you masticating, and it’s especially rude to do if you’re speaking to someone to be popping your gum while either person is talking. Close your mouth and chew your gum quietly, and I will have no problem with the contents of your mouth.

Not a single one of the posts in this thread have described a situation where it was inappropriate to be chewing. During a job interview and while giving a speech are the only two examples I can think of where you shouldn’t be doing it. But a woman behind somebody speaking? No.

No? OK, here are a few:

  1. In church.
  2. On the phone.
  3. If you’re going to be on camera.

Actually, I’m pretty sure they were all mentioned in this thread.

From my grandmother whenever she saw me chewing gum as a child:

The gum-chewing girl and the cud-chewing cow are alike and yet different somehow. Ah, yes! I have it now! It’s the intelligent look on the face of the cow.

Pendgwen, that is awesome.

The gum chewer=cow chewing cud comparison I had thought about before, but I have never seen it expressed like that.

Heh. I found a piece of gum stuck to the underside of the pew I was in on Sunday. Luckily it was old and dry. But c’mon people.

While you’re standing on a stage in front of your colleagues and family, you’re wearing your dress uniform, and your commander and first sergeant are presenting you with your sergeant’s rank? Shyeah!

The point isn’t the etiquette; the point is that it makes you look like a cow chewing cud.