Don't do this with your Katana Sword - not for weak stomachs

Don’t do this with your Katana Sword

Wow, guess *those * weren’t very well-made, now, were they? And on a home shopping channel; who’da thunk it?

LMAO That was hilarious! I think it might have got him in the liver. :stuck_out_tongue:

Coulda been worse. Coulda been a Revolver Gun.

The comment “habra que comprarlo” is beautiful just because I understand it. Thanks, Dr. Perez!

Best. QVC. Line. Ever.

Oh my God, that truly had me rolling. I haven’t seen something so funny in… hang on, I’m going to watch it again. :smiley:

ROFL!!! I have a good friend who is a master sword smith…I’ve got to get him to watch this and then I’m going to record the tirade about “cheap steel” that comes rolling out of his mouth!!!

Clearly, on this channel they only sell the best…

So tell the 75% of the population with a dial up, what happens. It breaks, slices off something. or scewers someone.

Pretty much. He’s hitting the sword onto the table) when it breaks in half and the point hits him in the chest/stomach.

Anyone else reminded of the Simpsons?

I’m I the only one here who’s seen their show? They’ll offer these massive “collections” filled with oddball assortments of knives (folding pocket knives, survival knives, Klingon-looking knives, and other such things), swords, and other sharp impliments, it’ll be close to a hundred items and they’ll be offering the whole she-bang for around $150. I know what you’re thinking, “What the hell would someone want with so many “quality” items?” They keep hawking the idea that you buy the whole collection and then sell the ones you don’t want on eBay or at flea markets. It’s worth catching their pitch at least once or twice.

I’ve seen them before. The packages are designed for people who hawk this cheap crap at flea markets and gun shows. The steel is so crappy it rusts if you breathe on it.

Good God that’s funny- I love the “We may need emergency surgery in the studio!” Oh yeah, sign me up for 10 of those quality pieces at $45 each. :rolleyes:

Cheap katana blade
Breaks on Home Shopping Network
Call an ambulance

I love those shopping channel blunders. It’s all live all the time so there’s bound to be some funny stuff happen.

To whit:

Horse? Butterfly? Horsefly!
Telescoping ladder, collapsing idiot
Widescreen Willy (** Not work-safe! **)
Dell is for Porn

Jeebus, Krushchev’s shoe was made of better quality.


I like that he says “The nice thing about these practice katanas…owww!”

Practice katana sword: +10 vs lying QVC salesmen

(If it could have glowed blue it would have) :smiley:

Ok, I’ll give you the virtual high five for that one, as everyone else seems to have ignored it completely :smiley: