Don't fire on a NATO warship

That’s something some Somali pirates should have considered

You know… Keelhauling used to be a permitted punishment in the Dutch Navy. Don’t mess with the clog boys.

The Dutch vessel’s a pretty big boat. Probably able to make life rough for the people on shore with those 30mm and 20mm, even though I wouldn’t want to take a 6m draft ship that close to land. Still, who thinks it’s a great idea to start shooting at a LPD? Was it the khat hour?

The article mentions that the Dutch fished 24 of the dhow passengers (ex-pirates) out of the water. What happens to these guys once they’re pulled out? Is it catch and release? Do they go to a Dutch jail? I seriously doubt we do the “hang 'em from the yardarm” thing anymore.

Apparently the dhow was sunk by the boarding party. Wonder what their “rigid hulled” boat was? That description makes it sound like a slightly bigger Zodiac, but I’m guessing it was a cutter or pretty big patrol boat.


Great, now I have a mental image of them getting ear tags, their shots, neutered and released into the wild.

On second though, that might not be such a bad idea, at least they wouldn’t breed more little pirates :dubious::smack:

Or a landing craft, which the Rotterdam carries routinely. But there is plenty of room on the helicopter deck for a firing squad or three. Pirates need to be summarily executed when caught in the act.

I think the OP is wrong. I encourage Somali pirates to attack NATO warships. What could possibly go wrong?

Man, you’re bloodthirsty. I’m all in favor of releasing them. Several hundred miles from shore.

I just finished reading* Snow Crash*, so I’m thinking that explanatory forehead tattoos might be in order, something along the lines of “DISPLAYS POOR JUDGEMENT” in their native language.

Nah give 'em a lift to dry ground and make sure to point out the hungry lions/hungry crocodile/hostile natives.

Damn, you’re cruel! Just release them unharmed.

In Antarctica.

Historically, pirates are hanged. Plus, it saves cash on ammo, and you can reuse the rope.

Seriously though, I’m all for it. I’m pretty sure Somali pirates aren’t the sort that think they’re lucky we didn’t kill them and that maybe they’ll turn over a new leaf. Pretty sure they think we’re weak and laughable and will return to piracy with renewed efforts.

Better to hang a shitload publically and drop the corpses in the nearest town out of a helicopter as an example.

I keep thinking of Petula Clark singing “Don’t fire on a NATO warship / Don’t stand in the pouring rain …”

I would have suggested hanging, but the Rotterdam is sorely lacking in yardarms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just drag them behind the ship for a few miles.

With fire coming from the shore, it was no time for water skiing!

But they weren’t caught in the act (of piracy).

Of course, firing on the people coming to inspect your ship does imply that their inspection would have found evidence of piracy. But they were not actually pirating anybody at the time.

I think whites branding blacks has way too much historical baggage, but I’m all for neutering pirates, and replacing their clothes with either cow costumes or flamboyant drag.

I was about to say chicken costumes… but stupid as they are, it takes a lot of guts to take on the Dutch navy with smallarms.

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull your gun on a NATO warship
And you don’t mess around with Ben (Bekkering, commander of the NATO task force.)

Why not save money and time, and just sink the pirate ships in port? Send helicopter gunships over-the craft without nets and fishing gear get sunk-problem solved.

I love this comment on the linked story:

The pirates were overheard yelling “DOH!!!”, when their ship caught fire.
-Joe Mamma