Don't Have to Pay US Income Tax, fer real?

Look here:

The case is supposed to be:
U.S. District Court, Western District of Tennessee (Memphis) # 03-CR-20111, USA v. Kuglin

I don’t have the legal background to assess something like this. I’m hoping that someone who does will volunteer to fight a bit of hopeful ignorance.

“Dear IRS: I’m confused. Please tell me why I have to pay taxes. If you don’t respond, then I will have to presume there is no reason…”

Hm… How about, “Dear District Attorney: please tell me why I can’t commit murder. If you don’t respond, then I will know that it’s okay with you if I kill my jerk neighbor who plays music real loud…”

No, I don’t think the case in question can be generalized…


She was acquitted of tax evasion charges. But as her own lawyer acknowledges, the feds can still force her to pay up. No doubt they’ll also take a close look at the laws to see how they can make convictions easier in the future.

In short, she was lucky, but the tax is still owed.

There always seem to be a few yahoos out there who think that there is a loophole that lets them avoid paying taxes. Specious arguments citing the constitution or a loophole or what have you. All they’ve really found is an excellent way to send themselves to jail. That this woman dodged a guilty verdict just makes her lucky. I wouldn’t advise following in her footsteps as you likely won’t be lucky and you’ll still have to pay all of those taxes.

Ain’t that the truth. The IRS doesn’t need a judgement to seize your assets. I had a dispute with them over a small tax issue, and they simply seized my Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. No judgement required, they just take what they say is owed.

This guy seems to think paying taxes is optional, but I’ve heard (no cite) that he’s a crackpot whose been in trouble with the law numerous times.

The jury failed to find proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. As someone smarter than I once wrote, such an “acquittal does not prove that you are not required to file income tax returns, any more than the acquittal of O.J. Simpson proves that it is legal to kill your ex-wife.”

This is a pretty useful page. “The Truth about Frivolous Tax Arguments” refutes just about every angle the anti-tax people have tried to use.